Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Enter AMD R9 390

Looks like it will be several nights of gaming, photo editing, and video editing again!
An Nvidia user for 13 years and this card from AMD is too good even for a Nvidia fanboy to resist

Okay, July 26, 2015 marks my mothers 64th birthday! But that is beyond the point of this post; July 26, 2015 also marks my 13 year run using an Nvidia GPU ending when I picked up my first ever AMD/ATI GPU, the AMD Radeon R9 390 of the VTX3D flavor.

Now, I don't always own the latest video cards from both brands at the same time, so I CANNOT give a thorough review and benchmarks on this card unlike other tech blogs or YouTube channels do. This isn't my job so I am not sponsored or be given any review models for a lot of GPUs; I am like you, the average consumer.

So, the least I can do is compare it with my previous GPU, an Nvidia GTX 660Ti, and it is obvious right off the bat, that this blows that card out of the water, and the some. But to what extent was the improvement?

After talking about the comparisons and obvious improvements from my previous GPU, I will just give a modest benchmark using some benchmarking programs. I will also tell you how it performs in the usual games I play on ULTRA and how this helps me in my productivity like photo editing or video editing.

And then I will give my thoughts as an avid Nvidia fan; can this impress a fanboy like me? Was my decision to get an AMD card for this generation of GPUs a good idea? Will I consider returning to Nvidia next upgrade/build or will I look into more AMD GPUs?

All the above and more in a few days time... I like writing reviews after I have used the item at least a week to give some real world uses and tests.

So until then...