Sunday, 26 July 2015

Blog on the Go: Make Up and some R&R

Late at Night When All the World is Sleeping
Rare selfie... But you will see a lot of selfies in this post... Ah well.

Ah, a successful make up duty must be rewarded with a little r&r.

I made my way to my favorite part of SM North EDSA, which is Annex 1, because most of the enthusiast PC shops are here.

What better way to wash down the last remaining taste of internship, than having to look at my passion: computers. Well, one of my passions.

But being all elated, I was able to walk all the way here in spite of my operates. I guess it is the endorphins that got me all happy and blinded by the fact that it is painful; it must adrenaline that kept me going when I realized the pain I was going through.

Thankfully, I found a little stall inside Annex 1, right next to the electronics, called InfiniTEA. Now, I am not a tea lover, I am a pure bred coffee lover. Such an addict I am that I have my own, yes my own, and not a family owned, coffee maker in my room. Yes, I also like my coffee black. To hell, I say, to these coffee establishments that sell for the name and not the coffee itself.

Yet! I found that I needed a place to stay to rest my knee for the moment, but for the life of me, the closest coffee shop feels like a mile away, so going back to my resentment to tea, I had no choice but to try out InfiniTEA.

The sleepy head and the crippled. Needed a place to rest the wary knee, and somehow
eradicated my sleepiness

Luckily, they have other derivatives without tea in it and I got me a cookies and cream frappe, and upon the first sip and subsequent brain freeze that followed, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Technology around me, my favorite tunes bursting thru my
earphones, and Cookies and Cream frappe; a perfect
way to relax after some make up duty

Now can this be something I'll get used to and start drinking these type of beverages? Probably not, but that's coming from a coffee junkie who needs 5 mugs of coffee throughout the day to even remotely function right.

As I am typing this, I am resting my weary knee, but nonetheless, scouting for beauty. No, not girls; I just got out of a serious relationship I wanted, where I was sure of pursuing... but that's a tale for another day me thinks.

This beauty I speak of is technology; apart from my passion of computers, I am also into photography and music (I play the guitar mostly), and Annex 1 is melting pot, well for the most part, for my passions.

I am literally breaking my neck trying to look around from my seat. And as soon as I finish this drink and feel as though my knee can make it through a triathalon, I am look into every nook and cranny for best possible deals for whatever tech I need.
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