Saturday, 13 June 2015

Blog on the Go: Being Dr. House on Duty

Resumed my duty, albeit, with a cane and all. Dr. House I am to be called yet again and from here on out. Not really a bad thing; kinda cool really.

Anyways, having resumed, it felt great seeing the people I work with again. As if nothing has changed; everything was the way it was before my injury took its toll again.

It felt like home.

I don't normally take time to take a picture if my duties, but hey, I'm on my final 2 weeks of duty as an intern. I will then be preparing for my board exams. I should take this opportunity to savor these moments.

As of writing, I am 7 hours away from my shift being over. Why am I still up without patients? I overdosed on coffee again...

By the way, picture above is me, on the left, and my duty mate, Dr. Kristianne.

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Friday, 12 June 2015

My Independence Day

Today we celebrate Independence Day in the Philippines.

Now, since I am preduty, this means, I have a day off on this day. And so me and my old college buddies, one of which is actually my classmate all the way til med school, as well as a good friend who was a nurse in JBL, a hospital I rotated when I was a clerk, decided to hang out.

Okay this doesn't seem patriotic, why would I just do something I can do any day? Well, I will tell you, I can't do this every day. With my hectic schedule, it is a rarity for me to be seen in a coffee house or a mall. So, today, being Independence Day, I still thought it was appropriate to meet and hang out with long time buddies that I haven't seen in just as long, given my schedule.

I met up with my co-intern, Dr. Lee, who was my college mate back in biology, so we've known each other for 9 years now. We were joined by our other college mate, RAM; together we were to meet up with, yet, another college mate of ours, Mick, to discuss an upcoming LAN party we call WASD Party. Sadly, the latter didn't make it today.

Left to right: Me, Dr. Lee, RAM

Starbucks meeting

Starbucks meeting

Later on, a good friend of me and Dr. Lee also joined in, Ma'am Nimfa. She was a nurse in JBL, a hospital we rotated in as medical clerks. It was nice seeing her again; brought about a lot of good and funny memories for me and Dr. Lee when we were clerks in JBL.

Ma'am Nimfa joined us!

Ma'am Nimfa joined us!

It is of note that Dr. Lee will return to South Korea this coming July to serve for 2 and a half years, putting hold on him taking the medical licensure examination for that long. Sure, he is bummed about it, but duty calls; he would rather start practicing medicine, and who wouldn't? You've gotten this far in year medical studies, might as well go for broke! But alas, reality bites.

It also sucks for me, yet another close of mine leaving the country. Sure, in time, I may also leave the Philippines to go back home in the States and practice medicine, but seeing how everyone is maturing and thinking about their careers, going different paths from me, making it more difficult to see old friends, makes it depressing for me at times.

Especially friends like Dr. Lee that I've known since our Biology days. A total of 9 years of friendship. Breaks me inside.

Luckily, apart from good memories he gave me a book stand. To most people this may mean nothing, but for us medical students and interns, it means a lot. I will cherish this gift and it will be very useful as I prepare for my licensure examination. It is to be my good luck charm.

It so happens, this book stand is great for tablets, too, when reading ebooks!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Main System, SHODAN, Upgrading

I would like to start of by saying that my previous posts mentioning that I will review the Xiaomi Piston V2 Earphones, the ASUS Zenphone 2, And my post on my everyday carry, both for work and leisure, are still on the works and will see the light of Internet day.

But for now, I would like to state that my SHODAN, my main system, is undergoing an upgrade; I sold my GTX 660ti in the hopes of getting me a GTX 970 within the month or so. In the trade off, I apart from cash I also gotten a pair of Corsair SP120 which are still brand new; so it was a good trade for the GTX 660ti in preparation for the GTX 970.

That is the only upgrade for now, but it is significant enough because the rest of my system can still hold out on its own. The GPU can technically still handle things on its own, too, but I plan by the end of the year to add a 3rd monitor, and a GTX 970 will have no problems outputting to 3 1080p monitors even while gaming.

I would also like to mention that my Bitfenix Shinobi case's soft touch feel has gone all sticky thanks to the weather here in the Philippines. I had to use a fine grit sand paper and those hard sponges with Isopropyl alcohol to remove it to bear plastic and I must say, it look a lot better without that soft touch texture.

This is a lesson to me never to buy anything with soft touch feel to it. Even if I move back to the States, I will avoid such fanciness.

Before I go on to show you my cleanup process, I will give out the specs of my PC sans the GPU:

CPU: Intel Core i7 3770 Processor 3.4GHz
Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
Memory: G. Skill 2x4Gb 1600MHz DDR3
HDD: 500Gb Seagate Barracuda (I have an 8Tb NAS, so I don't need a high capacity in my system)
SSD: 128Gb Plextor M5Pro PX-128M5P
PSU: Corsair GS700
GPU: Saving up for that GTX970!
Chassis: Bitfenix Shinobi with Custom Made Window
Aftermarket CPU Heatsink: DeepCool IceBlade Pro I with 2x Corsair SP120
Cooling: 2x DeepCool 120mm XFan front intakes; 1x DeepCool 120mm IceBlade Fan bottom intake; 3x DeepCool IceBlade Fan top exhausts
Bling: NZXT Sleeved LED Kit
Monitors: 2x 23" IPS Dell S2340L
Peripherals: Ducky Shine II DK9008 Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard, Razer DeathAdder (Modded it to have blue LED; Chroma wasn't released yet when I bought this); Razer Mouse Bungee; Roccat Taito Mid-Size Mouse Pad; iPega PG-9021 Bluetooth Controller; Ozaki 2.2 Speakers; Phillips SHP3000 Headphones; A4Tech HD 1080p Webcam

And let us see SHODAN in all her glory (taken back Feb. 4, 2014)

02-08-2014 My Workstation NO WM-4

So here is SHODAN after a year of no clean up. Hey, I was busy at the hospital for a year. Plus I also had the surgery and all, so I was kinda neglected. I know. For Shame. Someone like me who is a diehard member of the PC master race, doing this to his PC.



If you are wondering why there is duct tape and stockings on the first pic, well I learned that from a forum member in TekSyndicate, because back in the day, the mesh that came with this Bitfenix Shinobi case is highly porous and had faster dust build up (yes, it would take a month to get the same amount of dust I got in a year with this duct tape and stockings technique), and advised me to use that instead.

Here you see the GTX 660ti, all cleaned out ready to be traded for cash and a pair of SP120.



Next you will see my Corsair GS700 PSU that the external case is dirty, but thanks to the duct tape and stockings technique, inside isn't all that dirty at all.



The motherboard...


After dusting off the mother board, and cleaning the aftermarket heatsink, I installed the Corsair SP120 on it and it looks nice. Good temps, too.



Since I was lazy to continue cleaning everything else that night, I decided to run my PC this way for the remainder of the night.


Having cleaned the case and fans the next day, I put them all back together in the case, and it was always my problem putting everything back in the Shinobi case after my annual cleanups because, even if it is a mid tower, it does get crazy cramped up especially with all the stuff I placed in there.

And check out that cable management lol



And finally, how it looks like completely set up and cleaned.


Now all I need is the GTX970 by the end of June or by early July, and a third monitor by the end of the year.