Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Blog on the Go: I hear, I smell, I taste. Our ENT rotation.

Midway through our rotation here in Mt. Carmel Dept of ENT-HNS, and much like when we were clerks, it is a relaxing, yet enlightening, rotation.

It goes to show we still don't k ow a lot about medicine in general. So much to learn, so much to improve on.

But one thing I love about this rotation is that since we rotated here as clerks before, the staff still remember us very well, and we are welcomed like family.

Also, our consultants are chill, in that, even if we make mistakes a^nswering questions, they don't make you look like an idiot, and instead teach. Encourages one to learn more when there are no evil consequences...

Now, just have to end the day's duty so we can prepare for tomorrow's possible reporting. But since they are so chill, it is an informal reporting anyways.

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