Sunday, 30 November 2014

Bright Ideas Media: AUFMC Department of Internal Medicine Christmas Party 2014 Promo

I think I should start sharing the various invitations, audio visual presentations, etc, that I am tasked to do for my various clients.

Recently, however, I haven't been having that many clients because I have been quite busy with internship plus I just had my surgery not too long ago, but if doctors from the hospital I am having my internship asks, then surely I can accommodate their requests.

So, AUFMC Department of Internal Medicine, the department I have closely affiliated with ever since my medical school days, asked me to make an invitation and couple of AVP's. Since I know them so well, I decided not to charge.

First off, I will share the invitation; since the theme of the party is Disney, we got Mickey here in his Santa costume, and you'd notice the Disney logo is changed in order to be in tuned with the Christmas theme and it being held by AUFMC Internal Medicine.

Mickey Mouse is a trademark of Disney, and this was used in fair use, and like I said, I am not being paid for this, so there is no monetary gain. Don't sue me Disney! =] I love you.

Next is the AVP for the Christmas party... It is to supposedly introduce the Disney characters to build up the hype for the party's theme.

Here is how it looks like:

Lastly, the party has a talent show; yes, there will be judges and contestants to battle it out with their talents, be it singing, dancing, and whatnot. The AVP I planned for the talent show was a commercial of sorts.

And this is how it looks like:

With that, I am thankful that my designs and renders were wholeheartedly accepted without that much revisions other than the date and location of the event.

This makes me want to get back into working for clients again. It is always nice to interact with the clients, give your ideas, ask for their's, and when you release your draft and they love it, you feel a sense of pride.

I am looking forward to the party, but I am not sure if I can be taking photos during the event due to my recovery from my knee surgery.

Here's hoping I can do so...

Time will tell...

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Blog on the Go: Sta Ana Medical Mission

Truth be told, I wasn't supposed to go to Sta Ana Pampanga, in Holy Cross College, for the said medical mission, because A) I had lack of sleep (I had like less than 2 hours of sleep); B) I had a scheduled rehab session this morning; and C) my leg was just not up for it.

So, how did I end up going anyways? Well, at first I was just doing my (half-assed) duty as the group leader, since what I heard is that most of my groupmates won't be able to go, so I have to step up and at least increase the number of Senior Medical Interns attending, simply for damage control.

It so happens that my groupmates were bluffing; they like stressing me and giving me jump scares I guess. Knowing that most of the group are in fact going, I still decided to go because the thought of me donning the white coat again and playing doctor again made me really excited.

Thus, even with a frail knee, I braved Sta Ana to do what I hope I do best... being a doctor.

It was great seeing my groupmates again, albeit, not all of them as some were not able to make as stated above. But nonetheless, seeing the group was great, especially I haven't seen them for 2 or 3 months thanks to my injury and subsequent operation.

Having reached the said college and their covered court, we set up shop there for us to assess patients; this medical mission is the same as always, see patient, assess, give medication, and medical advice. I was a bit rusty on the pediatric side of things, but come the Internal Medicine patients and I was right at home, and surely adds to the already growing addiction of wanting to be an Internist and eventually a Cardiologist.

Simply put, the mission was a success and was fun to top it all off.

Nothing like playing doctor again after so long... Looking forward to the next one.

Til next time!


Friday, 14 November 2014

Blog on the Go: Interstellar...

Time to post a new entry for my Blog on the Go series... It was stopped momentarily due to my injury and surgery that, well, made me less on the go.

So this morning, I had my Nth rehab session, of which I lost count of now, and we tried putting full weight bearing on my injured and operated right knee, and it was alright. Then we tried walking without my crutches and used my trusty old cane, and IT was also alright! Next thing I knew, I was able to climb stairs, but still having difficulty going down the stairs; I was able to do simple 10 minute stationary bike exercises; and I did squats.

Finally, being able to walk with my old cane and no longer these crutches or on a wheel chair made me all happy...

After my rehab, I was my regular self, reading nonsense stuff online, playing games here and there, until I received, or missed, a call from my good buddy, who happens to be my favorite resident, and my future boss, Dr. Alex Fajardo. Since I missed his phone call, he decided to text, not to invite, but to ORDER me to go watch a movie with him and the gang. I didn't know what to answer at first, but it so happens he also called up my sister, his boss, Dr. Debbie Udarbe, and she told me that I can go along and even gave me money. What a sis!!

Having also asked permission from my parents, of course, I need to since my injury made them stricter than usual, so as to avoid getting scolded. Getting their blessings... I knew that I am in for a great time with the guys!

And I am not wrong!

I will not go over the movie, you should go catch it yourselves, it is well worth it.

After the movie, we decided to eat, but like every batch of friends, we never know where to eat, so we explored; they were getting worried about my knee, because we were walking long distances, but I managed. But Dr. Alex thought otherwise, and piggy-backed me around the mall as we were looking for a place to eat! That's why we are buddies!!

Here we are, status post dinner:

From left to right: Dr. Alex Fajardo; then my fellow senior medical interns, starting with Dr. Opal Balajadia,
Dr. JC Feliciano, Dr. Taira Cunanan, Dr. Olie Calaguas, Dr. Joed Ticse, Dr. Chan Udarbe (ME!!), and Dr. Mike Paroli

If it weren't for these guys, I wouldn't have known I could walk far now, and I wouldn't have gone out and have fun. I owe these guys a whole bunch! Thank you guys!!

Now I feel more fired up to recover faster...

Til next time!


Monday, 3 November 2014

Information Overload


My brain is reaching saturation, information wise. I have been valiantly trying to read in the past couple of weeks to pass the time while I am still recovering from my operation of my knee last month.
But alas, reading so much, in such little time, can lead to insanity and information overload.

So why couldn't I just stop?

Well because of my stupid guilt feeling of not being productive in a day...

Ah well, another one of my idiosyncrasies...