Thursday, 11 December 2014

My first event where I am not the photographer

Okay that may come of with a different interpretation depending on how you'll read that; I am not trying to say I am invited to parties/events for the sole purpose of being their designated photographer. In fact, I don't go to parties or events, unless I learn something or if I am in fact, their photographer. I don't go to parties/events for the sake of going. I need to learn or do something like taking photos.
But this time around, I was invited to the AUFMC Department of Internal Medicine Christmas Party 2014, with the theme of Disney. Yes, the very same department that I am their unofficial photographer for many years, and the same one I made an invitation and AVP's for their event.

They know of my injury and operation, and they knew that it would be asking too much for me to be their photographer, so I endorsed my groupmate and friend, Dr. Rupesh Raut, to be my proxy this time around since I still can't walk for long periods of time.

And the department were happy enough with me making the invitations and AVP's, so they didn't feel like assigning any more "work" to me. I placed quotation marks on the word work, because, videography and photography is more of a hobby and a means to get away from the the treachery of the real world than work. So, if only I could walk, I wouldn't mind being their photographer again.

But then again, it is quite a refreshing change being in a lot more photos than before. My first event apart from my graduation in both B.S. Biology and Doctor of Medicine courses, that I had a lot of photos in. Because, of course, being the photographer, you are more used to the other end of the camera. And when the time comes, that someone tells you to join the group for photos and they'll take the shot for you, I don't know about the rest, but I for one, would usually say it is alright, it is their night, I am more used to the other end of the lens anyway.

It was a great night, sure was fun, I came in as Pinocchio, and it was a blast seeing the residents, consultants, heck even my co interns, and the clerks, dress up for the event.

Seeing the reactions of the people when they saw my AVP's was nerve wracking since I was expecting them to hate it or call it simple. But, no, it was praised, and now I got another source of service for my clients. I can now make AVP's for their events. I am glad they loved it. Makes me want to practice more Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC editing. And probably practice more with videography with my DSLR in the near future.

With that said, I had fun in the very first event/party that I had nothing to do in the actual event/party. Sure, I missed being the photographer, I missed being the one in charge of other things in events, but maybe sometimes, it is also nice to kick back and enjoy the show. Can't always be the workaholic I am now, right?

Special thanks as always to the AUFMC Dept of IM family, for more than 6 years, have been believing in my services, though not as professional quality as real photographers or videographers, but still happy with my work makes me very thrilled. To think this is only my hobby.

To my co interns, who made it easy for me to face the world again without a single bout of obscurity of what has become of me.

To the clerks, who constantly help up and down staircases when need be.

And well, the consultants, who were so happy to see me up and walking again, and this time without a cane!

I plan to go to the mall on my own tomorrow, and next week hopefully hang out with my friends in San Fernando and go to Manila.

After tonight... the sky's the limit to where my legs can take me =]