Thursday, 11 December 2014

My first event where I am not the photographer

Okay that may come of with a different interpretation depending on how you'll read that; I am not trying to say I am invited to parties/events for the sole purpose of being their designated photographer. In fact, I don't go to parties or events, unless I learn something or if I am in fact, their photographer. I don't go to parties/events for the sake of going. I need to learn or do something like taking photos.
But this time around, I was invited to the AUFMC Department of Internal Medicine Christmas Party 2014, with the theme of Disney. Yes, the very same department that I am their unofficial photographer for many years, and the same one I made an invitation and AVP's for their event.

They know of my injury and operation, and they knew that it would be asking too much for me to be their photographer, so I endorsed my groupmate and friend, Dr. Rupesh Raut, to be my proxy this time around since I still can't walk for long periods of time.

And the department were happy enough with me making the invitations and AVP's, so they didn't feel like assigning any more "work" to me. I placed quotation marks on the word work, because, videography and photography is more of a hobby and a means to get away from the the treachery of the real world than work. So, if only I could walk, I wouldn't mind being their photographer again.

But then again, it is quite a refreshing change being in a lot more photos than before. My first event apart from my graduation in both B.S. Biology and Doctor of Medicine courses, that I had a lot of photos in. Because, of course, being the photographer, you are more used to the other end of the camera. And when the time comes, that someone tells you to join the group for photos and they'll take the shot for you, I don't know about the rest, but I for one, would usually say it is alright, it is their night, I am more used to the other end of the lens anyway.

It was a great night, sure was fun, I came in as Pinocchio, and it was a blast seeing the residents, consultants, heck even my co interns, and the clerks, dress up for the event.

Seeing the reactions of the people when they saw my AVP's was nerve wracking since I was expecting them to hate it or call it simple. But, no, it was praised, and now I got another source of service for my clients. I can now make AVP's for their events. I am glad they loved it. Makes me want to practice more Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC editing. And probably practice more with videography with my DSLR in the near future.

With that said, I had fun in the very first event/party that I had nothing to do in the actual event/party. Sure, I missed being the photographer, I missed being the one in charge of other things in events, but maybe sometimes, it is also nice to kick back and enjoy the show. Can't always be the workaholic I am now, right?

Special thanks as always to the AUFMC Dept of IM family, for more than 6 years, have been believing in my services, though not as professional quality as real photographers or videographers, but still happy with my work makes me very thrilled. To think this is only my hobby.

To my co interns, who made it easy for me to face the world again without a single bout of obscurity of what has become of me.

To the clerks, who constantly help up and down staircases when need be.

And well, the consultants, who were so happy to see me up and walking again, and this time without a cane!

I plan to go to the mall on my own tomorrow, and next week hopefully hang out with my friends in San Fernando and go to Manila.

After tonight... the sky's the limit to where my legs can take me =]

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Circle of Life

"Circle of life... best way to be a doctor is to be a patient yourself."

-Dr. Raul Limos

My 14th rehab session has been done and dusted, and I am beginning to walk with the use of a cane. It still a long ways from full recovery, but I am glad that with my progress; at first I was frustrated, because I wasn't seeing any progress in the 1st 2 weeks of rehab.

I usually get visitors when I go to rehab, in the form of my co-senior interns, the junior inters, residents, or even consultants. One of the things I look forward to when I go to rehab is having visitors to give you a pep talk.

On my 14th session, it was something a little more special. My former patients I handled during my rotation in Internal Medicine and Surgery are also in rehab, sometimes at the same time as me. They usually say hi to me and make small talk, but on my 14th session, there was this lady and her son, her son recognized me, and kept on thanking me because I was one of the interns along with my resident in the ER that helped his mother who suffered a stroke. He was very happy with how we managed and took care of his mother. And was surprised to see me in rehab after my operation.

I'll admit, I am not the main physician of his mother, I am a mere senior intern, AKA slave for the residents/consultants,  so him thanking me may be exaggerated or something I don't even deserve, but seeing how sincere he was with his thank yous, I can't help but feel glad, even if I contributed the least, to be part of the medical team that helped his mother, who now happens to be my rehab buddy.

The phrase mentioned above, as clearly stated, was mentioned by my professor in Radiology, Dr. Raul Limos, when he heard about my humbling moment, having to share rehab session with a former patient, and he couldn't have said it any better.

Having to be the patient, instead of the physician, for the time being, is certainly an experience I will not forget, and it will aid me in becoming a better physician, because I am now in the other side the coin, having to be in the shoes of a patient, having to see their point of view, having to feel the frustration... I'll keep it in mind when managing future patients. Not only to manage the disease, but also manage any ill emotions that can come from being a patient.

Well, it's time to study for the upcoming board exams, because with that moment seeing a very thankful son of a mother I was in the medical team managing, I feel so psyched up and want to pass my board exams ASAP and become a full fledged doctor.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Micro USB to Lightning Adapter (FROM CDR KING!? WTF!!) Review

I am known by my peers as the guy that does spend quite a lot on electronics, gadgets, PC parts, and my various different hobbies, but I also known to be cheap at times, especially for the God forsaken prices that (insert curse word) Apple accessories are.

Recently, my sister broke her lightning USB cable and has to resort to using mine. And as siblings normally do, didn't return my cable and claimed as her own. She then decided to pay me and have myself buy another one.

As I was in the market for the lightning USB cable, a friend of mine showed me this:

DODOCOOL 2 in 1 Charging/Data Cable
It was being sold at a local online store ( for a very reasonably price (as of this writing, PHP 720); I was about to order it, but I stumbled upon the thought of "isn't there already an adapter that can convert my existing micro USB cables to lightning"? And so I searched and found one in... CDR-KING.

Yes, let the awful shivers subside.

Products from CDR-KING are notorious for easily breaking, but based on my experience, and the fact that I am very careful of any item I buy from anywhere (thanks to my OC-ness), they tend to hold up quite well. Build quality is my only irk each time I do get something from CDR-KING.

CDR KING Micro USB to Lightning Review

Anyways, it was priced at PHP150 so I thought, I might as well take a shot at this. So I did, after purchasing some Steam Wallet at a local mall, I went to CDR-KING, got the adapter, and of course went home. Eager to try it.

CDR KING Micro USB to Lightning Review

CDR KING Micro USB to Lightning Review

With the picture above, it clearly depicts my first attempt at placing it on my micro USB cable; like I mentioned, the built quality is just something to laugh at. I mean, just look at it, it popped the connectors and PCB right off the protective covering... it didn't break the actual product, and as you can see with the picture below, all I needed to do was pop it right back in, and proceed with the charging.

CDR KING Micro USB to Lightning Review

Sure it works, that's the important thing, but I just wished, something as simple as securing the cover would have been done properly.

CDR KING Micro USB to Lightning Review

Of course, Apple is an a$$hole (the dollar signs fit perfectly, I must say) and gave the usual warning that the cable used is not certified and may not work properly (prompting the possible need to spend dollars on them), but you know what Apple?? F**k you, because as you can clearly see, the iPad fully charged (and in about the usual 15-30 minutes of charging), AND it was recognized in my PC and I was able to transfer my medical ebooks on to my iPad.

CDR KING Micro USB to Lightning Review

Now let's be honest here, this is just the initial impression, I will still have to put this adapter to its paces, but I am impressed thus far. Now I don't need to bring a lot of cables, I can just bring that ONE cable and charge both my phone and iPad when I'm on the road... sure I can't do it simultaneously with ONE cable, but heck, micro USB cables are the most common cables for phones and whatnot, and being a techy kind of guy, I have a drawer full of them micro USB cables.

Bet you're thinking, if I am willing to get 2 micro USB cables after all, and wanting to be cheap, why didn't I just get a knock off lightning cable for a couple more bucks? Well, in my experience with those knock off lightnings, it doesn't fully charge my iPad EVEN if I plug it in directly on the wall socket and leaving it there the WHOLE day. YES! WHOLE DAY! It wasn't even passing 95%... That's why I took a gamble on this adapter, and the gamble paid well, because it fully charged, and was able to transfer data.

So there, I have the option to bring ONE cable, and if ever, I can bring another micro USB cable because I have a drawer full of them, and even if I don't, micro USB, like I said, are very common and CHEAPER than lightnings any day.


For PHP 150, it does the job right. Cheap build quality, but what do I expect!? With such a price!

I am, so far, impressed by this. And for now, since I didn't put this through its paces yet, I recommend it for those who own an Android device and an iOS device. Or simply any device requiring a micro USB and you have an iOS device and don't want a lot of cables with you.

NOTE: All above photos were taken with my ASUS ZenFone 5, with the Camera FV-5 app.