Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Blog on the Go: Sta Ana Medical Mission

Truth be told, I wasn't supposed to go to Sta Ana Pampanga, in Holy Cross College, for the said medical mission, because A) I had lack of sleep (I had like less than 2 hours of sleep); B) I had a scheduled rehab session this morning; and C) my leg was just not up for it.

So, how did I end up going anyways? Well, at first I was just doing my (half-assed) duty as the group leader, since what I heard is that most of my groupmates won't be able to go, so I have to step up and at least increase the number of Senior Medical Interns attending, simply for damage control.

It so happens that my groupmates were bluffing; they like stressing me and giving me jump scares I guess. Knowing that most of the group are in fact going, I still decided to go because the thought of me donning the white coat again and playing doctor again made me really excited.

Thus, even with a frail knee, I braved Sta Ana to do what I hope I do best... being a doctor.

It was great seeing my groupmates again, albeit, not all of them as some were not able to make as stated above. But nonetheless, seeing the group was great, especially I haven't seen them for 2 or 3 months thanks to my injury and subsequent operation.

Having reached the said college and their covered court, we set up shop there for us to assess patients; this medical mission is the same as always, see patient, assess, give medication, and medical advice. I was a bit rusty on the pediatric side of things, but come the Internal Medicine patients and I was right at home, and surely adds to the already growing addiction of wanting to be an Internist and eventually a Cardiologist.

Simply put, the mission was a success and was fun to top it all off.

Nothing like playing doctor again after so long... Looking forward to the next one.

Til next time!