Monday, 27 October 2014


Some time in the middle of the morning I woke up, and started to have this headache, and based on my experiences, I know, by the time I really get out of bed later in the morning, this headache would turn into a full blown migraine. 

Knowing this, however, I still didn't take my medications to prevent my migraine from occurring, because come on, it was 3 in the morning, I just stood up, figuratively speaking since I am still a limping bastard that recently had his knee surgery, just to take a leak in the bathroom, and I had no intention, with my half asleep demeanor, to find a couple of medications that point.

So upon waking up later that morning, my fears came true that my migraine was so bad, that I started to have an attitude and was feeling nauseated by the pain that I ended up retching the entire morning and eventually vomiting once.

Unfortunately, this inhibited me from going to my 4th session of rehab for my knee, yet fortunate enough to be rescheduled tomorrow afternoon so as to not waste any time.

Well, my migraine has long since disappeared thanks to my go to medication when this get a little too rough.

This way I can study and possibly game later on...

That's all... lol