Friday, 3 October 2014

Blog on th Go: Visiting my Sis in the Clinic

So today is the first day my sister has her own clinic sched at the hospital... though it is not her clinic per se; it is not under her name, but finishing her 3 year residency training in the department of internal medicine last July 2014, she was given the privilege to start seeing her own patients in the clinic. She is afterall a consultant now.

It was nice seeing her in action, and a senior medical intern, she is still my inspiration in becoming a good doctor myself in my own right.

I still have ways to go; board exams, 3 years of internal medicine training, diplomate exam, cardiology fellowship training... and it goes on.

But, seeing her the way she is now, I want to be like that myself... So I must do everything I can to get it.

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