Friday, 3 October 2014

Blog on the Go: Gamer Problems...

Gamer problems...

Non-stop Steam sales of great games! I though these sales would be for awful games but come on,  titles like Borderlands, Crysis, Torchlight, even Dragon Age Origins (I already have the physical discs, so I need not buy the digital copy), so how do you expect me to not buy these!?

I was saving up for Steam winter sale, by adding funds to my Steam Wallet every 2 weeks to a month, but darn! I think I spent 70 dollars in 2 weeks on great deals!

So my latest purchases are Borderlands 2, Torchlight, and Torchlight 2. For a total of 10 bucks... great deal!

I swear, those are going to be my last purchases for now. I will save ny funds for Winter Sale.

Thank you Steam!

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