Friday, 19 September 2014

House MD, Reprise

If you're following my posts, then one would know that I have a recurrence of my right knee injury that I have sustained since my high school days, and ever since then, was advised for surgery, but always declining because I was either too scared or thought I can live without having to do any rigorous activities such as sports and whatnot.

Sadly, my right knee popping out occurs intermittently, and is like a ticking time bomb; it will pop out whenever it feels like. Ah well.

Thus, I will be scheduled for surgery real soon and my senior medical internship is put on hold for now. This is not good, as I may be delayed, and the delay will be detrimental to my preparation for the medical licensure exams next August. But, the longer I postpone my operation, the more it will bite me in the end... just like when I first declined the operation back in high school.

Having to be pseudo-ambulatory, and feeling I want to stay away from books for now, I decided to once again, bring out my DSLR and do some creative shots in my room that I can "magically" turn into a studio of sorts. Having the right equipment, even those budget equipment (go to my Flickr account and you will find out that my gear is not the high end gear... MacGuyver most of the time...), and you can make studio like photos in your own room.

Since I sustained a right knee injury due to my recurring patellar dislocation of said knee, I had to equip myself with my trusty ol' cane I got 10 years ago when I first got this injury. Thus, I was once again called by long my standing nickname "Dr House". Though, I am not as brilliant as House, it is quite flattering they'd call me that - however, I think they call me that due to the cane and not my intellect. Sigh...

Then just like that, I knew I had to have a self portrait of me with my white coat and the cane. It just had to be done, in my opinion.

I was thinking of going to the hospital and go in one of the conference rooms and use the wall for plain white background and having my cane over my shoulders, with a pose that has some "swag". But doing so myself would require me to lug a lot of my gear with me to get the effect I'd want. I could ask a friend to shoot with me, but they usually never get the shot I envision no matter how much I explain to them what I want to see as a result.

Then, it hit me; I already had my MRI done and got my MRI plates, why don't I just rig up my flashes and strobes at home to illuminate my MRI plates, wear my white coat, hold my cane, while I am seated in front of what will be MRI plates background, and have my favorite "pseudo-silhouette" style photography.

Pseudo-Silhouette you ask? I may not be the pioneer of such photography, but I was trying to shoot a self portrait completely silhouette, where in a put my flash in 1/2 power directly behind me to illuminate the wall but forgetting to cover the area above my head, thus the flash that bounced off the ceiling, slightly illuminated me.

This serendipity of sorts has become one the most requested portraits for my clients.

It looks like this:

As you can see, I am not completely silhouette.

So rigged my flashes and strobes to light up the MRI plates, that I also rigged a placeholder for, in the background and having another one pointing directly at the ceiling with around 1/4th the power to ever so slightly illuminate me.

And here are the results!

This one is with my normal watermark

For this one, I downloaded custom fonts to replicate the show's logo

I must say, it has been forever since I did any real creative photography as such. It is quite fun shooting this, though it was difficult having to lug around my gear, even if it is in my room only, due to my injury, but this goes to show, that you don't need the best gear out there, you just have to be creative, both in the photo's concept, and how to use the gear you have and use the things around you (I won't bore you on how I rigged my flashes and strobes and how I got the MRI to hang in such a way, but I had to use whatever I could find in my room and home).

So I hope y'all enjoyed this read and the photos.

As always...


Keep shooting! And never look back!