Monday, 15 September 2014

Blog on the Go: Confined with a bad knee

It was well over a week that I re-injured my right knee, and decided, to return to hospital duty without having to follow up with the orthopedic surgeon; hey, my leg felt great... Okay, maybe not great, but I felt like I can return to work and be ever closer to taking my board exams in order to be one step closer in becoming a doctor.

But my stubbornness for not following up and having the go signal to return to work, I, yet again, twisted my knee, having it pop out, and I found myself nearly kissing the floor.

Thankfully my best friend and co-intern, Dr. Michael Paroli, was there beside me when it all happened. And good thing I was at the 3rd floor where all my nurse friends saw me fall over, heck even my buddy med tech, sir Noel, was there, and rushed to my aid. I thank my lucky stars for that. In spite of me twisting my knee again, it's nice to know how many people came to my aid.

Now, what exactly happened to my knee? What made it so frail? A ticking time bomb that it would pop out when it so feels like?

Well, this dates back when I was in my 3rd year highschool, eons ago. I was playing basketball with my friends, where I pulled a T-Mac-esque shot, landing in on one foot, my right foot, but sadly, having to land on someone else's foot. This caused my knee to pop out for the first time.

I went for a check up, and was told that I tore my ACL and need surgery. I declined, since I was afraid. But this then put a serious strain on my left knee, since I was now dependent on it more than my right at this point in time. Years of stress, caused my left knee to pop out too when I simply ran. My ACL was also torn at this point.

Fast forward to 3rd year medicine, and one of my classmates decided to pull a prank that involved hitting the back of my knees, which, you guessed it, popped my right knee, causing my MCL to tear.

Again was advised for surgery, and again, decided not to have it.

The two Fridays ago, we had a little dance routine, and I do mean little. It was so simple my grandma, no joke, can do it! But in front of my residents and consultants, my knee gave up in the middle of the dance. Causing me and my morale to fall on the floor. And maybe deeper.

Now I find myself confined for possible arthroscopy and maybe coercing me to have the actual surgery.

I'm still afraid, but I'm more afraid of this recurring over and over again. So I'll take the advice of the ER nurse, who happens to be one of my good friends, Ma'am Jam, and not "be stubborn", and listen to my doctor.

Because, hey, once I have my license, I would like my own patients to be compliant to my management, too.

Anyways... Here's to whatever!