Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sushi, Thou Art a Heartless B*tch

When Sushi Happens
I ended up getting an IV line with PLRS to hydrate me. Sushi, thou art a heartless b*tch.
Well, not always. It just so happened that my recent trip to my favorite Japanese restaurant, that will remain unnamed for their privacy, ended up with me feeling slightly nauseated and waking up to a bad stomach and several bad visits to the bathroom.

Thinking it will eventually just go away and not become a full blown acute gastroenteritis, I didn't bother going to the hospital I am having my internship in and have a fecalysis, let alone, start on empiric treatment, I just gone through my Saturday day off like any other day off; that is pig out, in spite of my condition, and sleeping more than half the day, dreading the next day, because I have Sunday duty.

Alas, Sunday duty did come, and alas, my abdominal pain and my loose watery stools have not subsided. Thinking of staying in for my duty instead, I still ended up going to the hospital for my duty seeing that I can get IV infused with fluids, get a fecalysis, and get some medications.

My abdominal pain didn't subside however, and I still frequent the bathroom to defecate. It was at this point where my boss in the department of surgery wanted me to go home, my former boss in the department of internal medicine wanted me to be confined, and my sister also wanted me to be confined.

Trying to be a hero and trying to stay instead on my duty, it wasn't long 'til I had to take the first offer and went home.

I am pretty darn sure I will have to make this up again, but at least I can have an easier time going to the bathroom if need be at home, than at the hospital; furthermore, how would my patient feel if I have an IV line on me while I try to take their history and physical examination? They'd be saying, why is a sick doctor assessing me?

Thus, I went home, went straight to sleep, having skipped breakfast, lunch, and dinner, today thanks to my condition. I have no appetite, plus I wouldn't want to aggravate it anyway/

So in the mean time, I decided to complete my tweaking of Windows 8.1, and tomorrow, since it is my off again, I will install some of my streaming programs so I can finally start making tutorials on how I take certain photos, and how I edit them. As well as finally start on my contemplated VLOG that is a long time coming.

Ah well, time will tell if I do make my VLOG lol

Anyways... that's it for now.