Sunday, 3 August 2014

Medical Mission, Alcala Pangasinan, A Success!

Got back from Alcala, Pangasinan, where the second leg of the joint medical mission of both my sister, Dra. Debbie Udarbe, and her best friend, considered as my sister as well, Dra. Rayzen Canono, was held. It was first held in Tarlac a week ago, which is the hometown of Dra. Canono, and the second leg was done at Pangasinan, which is the hometown of my mother. This medical mission was a thanksgiving mission as both my sisters (yep, I mean Dra. Canono and my real sis) finished their 3 year residency training in the Department of Internal Medicine at the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center.

I joined up on the second leg because both of them, sadly, were dated on my duty days, so I decided to be absent on one of my duties instead of both. And it was a natural choice for me when it came to the Pangasinan leg of the mission.

So lemme tell you a story through pictures...

Here, we have my sister (yellow shirt) and her friends from the hospital preparing and segregating the drugs that we will be issuing to the patients. They are a lovely bunch of people, her friends, and it made the hassle work of preparing a whole lot more fun and easier.

So you see my dad (on the left) here with the family friend checking the tarpaulin made for the occasion... then eventually, having a shot themselves (again, my dad at the left).

Then the very next day came, and so did the rest of the gang. Here we all are (well, minus me... being the photographer in all) having lunch right before the actual medical mission. We are so gonna need it.

Me (right) and one of my favorite bosses, Dr. Jasper Mamawi, having a pre-medical mission photo while we still look fresh, plus it gives my dad some practice before the event... seeing that I can't possibly take photos when I will attend to my own patients.

Finally. Here we are at the site of the mission. Many more patients behind the camera at this point. And we soon found out, a lot more will come. Over 150 patients. Both Pediatric patients (both me and Dra. Gaye Tiglao's, whom you will see later on, station) and Internal Medicine patients (all the doctors' station, including me and Dra. Tiglao).

Here, from left to right, Dra. Canono, Dr. Lloyd Lim, Dra. Tiglao. and I, were all preparing for the first wave of patients...

After seeing patients, whom we thought we would only handle the Pediatric patients, it turns out we would also see the Internal Medicine patients due to the number of older patients outweighing the number of the younger patients, we decided to have a photo together to prove that in spite of it all, we can still smile and look fresh.

The gang! Minus my sister... From left to right, Dra. Canono, Dr. Lim, Dra. Tiglao, me, and Dr. Mamawi. It was at this point we were about to pack up our things as we have finished a successful medical mission.

And then the commemorative group photo. This time you can see my sister next to me. We are with the Health Care Workers and the Captain and his men of the town who helped us make this all possible.

Here are the two stars of the event. My sisters. Yes, that's Dra. Canono and my real sister, Dra. Udarbe. This is their thanksgiving mission for graduating from their 3 year residency training of Internal Medicine.

And of course, there is dinner after. Minus me, since I took over the photographer role. Here you can see my grandmother third from the right, and to her left are my cousin Ron-Ron and his mom, my auntie Gretchen.

And lastly. The night party. I don't drink alcohol. Just saying.

I will add some of my favorite shots that I post processed from the event, hosted by Flickr: