Saturday, 9 August 2014

RAW Edits: The Beginning of Everything?

I'll be trying to start a new segment her in my blog, that is, to show how I edit my shots and I will be giving out a link to the RAW file (not all my following entries in this segment will give out a link to my RAW photos; they may be under Copyrighted, other wise I will share anything deemed Public Domain), and give you, the audience a chance to edit them to your style and you may share it here in my blog or may be used in another site/publications/etc (but please, do respect me, the original photographer; please credit me and give a link to my Blogger and Flickr accounts).

I will be incorporating a video that I will dub over just to see my thoughts during the edits and why I chose to edit the way I did. I will soon incorporate live commentary as I edit on the spot with a webcam as well, but that is when I finally get settled in video editing as well as getting my room cleaned up.

This is the proposed intro to my videos; I used Adobe After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC to render this. The music is by Kevin MacLeod entitled "Early Riser" and the aperture animation is not originally mine, it is from ikander from Lucky 9 studios; apart from that, all other effects were done by me.

Tell me what you think? Is this a good idea? Hoping that I can keep this up especially since I can have a very busy lifestyle.