Sunday, 31 August 2014

Blog on the Go: Gifts

Time to continue a bit of Blog on the Go misadventures...

I decided to go to the mall, albeit, being lazy and all, to buy a birthday gift for "ahem". A week has passed since her birthday, but sadly, both of us were always so busy to meet up with eachother, and somehow, that gives me enough time to look around and think of a good, cheesy, sweet, gesture for her.

I won't so much time here in the mall, cos I actually already bought the gift I think she would love. She loves cats, so I gotten her a small kitty plush toy, that will go great with the kitty pillow I got her for Valentine's. 

Here's hoping all goes well at work tomorrow and that I get off early enough to go to her house. Let's face it, she lives REALLY, REALLY far away from me. But that's love I guess... not easy. And it will be more worth while in these cases...

I also FINALLY got me some cable clamps so I tuck my headphone's cable underneath the desk neatly and not have it obstructed if I have used my cable ties, otherwise.

And I also got a bag of hooks, that is really used for the bathroom for towels and whatnot, but I became MacGyver for a moment and used 2 and 2 together to form an intricate placeholder for my headphones so I don't always have to reach for it on the desk where I have to shimmy the wire in order for me to be comfortable and keep the desk clean.

A part of me doing this is because I kinda got inspired by this Razer product:

But let's be honest, even something like this is expensive as long as it is branded. Take in for instance my mouse bungee from Razer... I kinda lost my mind buying a USD 20.00 mouse bungee! It really helps, but still... for 20 bucks. Wow.

So I stayed clear of that product even if I would want it so I can easily reach for my headphones and keep my desk clean in the process. Thus, I decided to be MacGyver.

As soon as I get home, I will add the pictures on this post of my plan and see if it was executed properly.

Well it is time to head home!



Here are the coated hooks and the adhesive clamps; I spent around 5 bucks on both of these

A close look at the adhesive clamp, left; and the coated hook, right

Putting 2 and 2 together; Yes, I was watching the Spurs 2005 Championship video in YouTube, that's why you
see Chauncey Billups, playing for the Pistons back then, the opponents of the Spurs in The Finals

Under the table... as it seems. Kinda dark, but this was shot with my iPad, and I was lazy to bring out my strobes
for this shot.

Thus, that is how I fancied my DIY placeholder for my headphones. Cheap, yet very effective. My Maygyver mode.