Thursday, 21 August 2014

Blog on the Go: Insomnia

I have been wrestling with insomnia for the past few weeks. Sure, I sometimes put it into good use for studying, but those nights when you got nothing scheduled to do the next day, you just wish you'd fall asleep faster.

Sure, I may not be falling asleep, and yes, my eyes are wide open, and yes, for sure, my mind is running at an incredible pace but unable to string the thoughts up together to make any such sense to whatever they are. It is like raw data unable to be processed to meaningful data. That is why sometimes I just can't study, or I stop studying in my tracks, even if I can't seem to sleep when I wish to. 

Maybe I am depressed, I don't know. The I just strapped myself back into the roller coaster of an emotional ride again just recently and it seems to be affecting my basic physiological functions. Absolutely a nightmare.

Truth be told, I am not even sure what I am typing right now as my mind is such a rut right now. Just hope that this insomnia of mine will just... Well, just stop. I should probably bail out of that emotional roller coaster. Maybe I just need help; a more open support system; more... I don't know.

Argh, this post is a mess...