Thursday, 28 August 2014

Back to Square One

Such is life, that we make decisions we regret, some we can't turn back on, others, you may still undo what we have done, hoping to salvage whatever we have lost thanks to that moment of stupidity when making such an atrocious decision.

I made a decision, which even at that time of making it, I knew I'd regret, but I thought I am strong enough to make it through.

I was strong. I was making it through.

But I was happier before I made that decision.

That decision was of course, me leaving the girl I liked.

I decided to leave because of what society expected me to be with; I left because I was insecure about "us"; I left because I was a jealous freak; and I left because I felt I was taken for granted.

Having realized during that one month of absence that she was still part of my every day, and I struggled finding things that would make me smile, I came back. I was depressed without her. She was depressed without me, too.

Though I am back, we aren't the same as we used to be. There are things I have to prove yet again, but being a little more mature since before I left, I am willing to take the challenge and wait for however long it will take for us to be the way we used to be and hopefully, inevitably, back to together.

Challenge accepted.