Sunday, 31 August 2014

Blog on the Go: Gifts

Time to continue a bit of Blog on the Go misadventures...

I decided to go to the mall, albeit, being lazy and all, to buy a birthday gift for "ahem". A week has passed since her birthday, but sadly, both of us were always so busy to meet up with eachother, and somehow, that gives me enough time to look around and think of a good, cheesy, sweet, gesture for her.

I won't so much time here in the mall, cos I actually already bought the gift I think she would love. She loves cats, so I gotten her a small kitty plush toy, that will go great with the kitty pillow I got her for Valentine's. 

Here's hoping all goes well at work tomorrow and that I get off early enough to go to her house. Let's face it, she lives REALLY, REALLY far away from me. But that's love I guess... not easy. And it will be more worth while in these cases...

I also FINALLY got me some cable clamps so I tuck my headphone's cable underneath the desk neatly and not have it obstructed if I have used my cable ties, otherwise.

And I also got a bag of hooks, that is really used for the bathroom for towels and whatnot, but I became MacGyver for a moment and used 2 and 2 together to form an intricate placeholder for my headphones so I don't always have to reach for it on the desk where I have to shimmy the wire in order for me to be comfortable and keep the desk clean.

A part of me doing this is because I kinda got inspired by this Razer product:

But let's be honest, even something like this is expensive as long as it is branded. Take in for instance my mouse bungee from Razer... I kinda lost my mind buying a USD 20.00 mouse bungee! It really helps, but still... for 20 bucks. Wow.

So I stayed clear of that product even if I would want it so I can easily reach for my headphones and keep my desk clean in the process. Thus, I decided to be MacGyver.

As soon as I get home, I will add the pictures on this post of my plan and see if it was executed properly.

Well it is time to head home!



Here are the coated hooks and the adhesive clamps; I spent around 5 bucks on both of these

A close look at the adhesive clamp, left; and the coated hook, right

Putting 2 and 2 together; Yes, I was watching the Spurs 2005 Championship video in YouTube, that's why you
see Chauncey Billups, playing for the Pistons back then, the opponents of the Spurs in The Finals

Under the table... as it seems. Kinda dark, but this was shot with my iPad, and I was lazy to bring out my strobes
for this shot.

Thus, that is how I fancied my DIY placeholder for my headphones. Cheap, yet very effective. My Maygyver mode.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Back to Square One

Such is life, that we make decisions we regret, some we can't turn back on, others, you may still undo what we have done, hoping to salvage whatever we have lost thanks to that moment of stupidity when making such an atrocious decision.

I made a decision, which even at that time of making it, I knew I'd regret, but I thought I am strong enough to make it through.

I was strong. I was making it through.

But I was happier before I made that decision.

That decision was of course, me leaving the girl I liked.

I decided to leave because of what society expected me to be with; I left because I was insecure about "us"; I left because I was a jealous freak; and I left because I felt I was taken for granted.

Having realized during that one month of absence that she was still part of my every day, and I struggled finding things that would make me smile, I came back. I was depressed without her. She was depressed without me, too.

Though I am back, we aren't the same as we used to be. There are things I have to prove yet again, but being a little more mature since before I left, I am willing to take the challenge and wait for however long it will take for us to be the way we used to be and hopefully, inevitably, back to together.

Challenge accepted.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Blog on the Go: Insomnia

I have been wrestling with insomnia for the past few weeks. Sure, I sometimes put it into good use for studying, but those nights when you got nothing scheduled to do the next day, you just wish you'd fall asleep faster.

Sure, I may not be falling asleep, and yes, my eyes are wide open, and yes, for sure, my mind is running at an incredible pace but unable to string the thoughts up together to make any such sense to whatever they are. It is like raw data unable to be processed to meaningful data. That is why sometimes I just can't study, or I stop studying in my tracks, even if I can't seem to sleep when I wish to. 

Maybe I am depressed, I don't know. The I just strapped myself back into the roller coaster of an emotional ride again just recently and it seems to be affecting my basic physiological functions. Absolutely a nightmare.

Truth be told, I am not even sure what I am typing right now as my mind is such a rut right now. Just hope that this insomnia of mine will just... Well, just stop. I should probably bail out of that emotional roller coaster. Maybe I just need help; a more open support system; more... I don't know.

Argh, this post is a mess...

Monday, 18 August 2014

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

I have been in a rut lately, no surprises, what with my love life and the lack thereof, with my acute gastroenteritis leaving me dehydrated, and the fact that the most dreadful of all rotations is fast approaching (yes, I am scared of OB), I've been listening to melodramatic songs to ease the tides.

Now this is gonna be a short post, I just wanted you guys to see my latest photo, before I have to rush back to the bathroom and defecate a violent watery foul smelling stool (too much information?). I originally thought of taking this shots of my memory cards (hence the title "Thnks fr th mmrs" inspired by Fall Out Boy, while I am in my rut listening to melodramatic songs) as macro shots, but it turned out to be boring and not quite the way I envisioned it was supposed to be. Thus, I stayed with a the regular shot. And it turned out okay-ish.

It was also supposed to be featured, if it were macro, in my first episode of "RAW Edits", but seeing that it didn't turn out the way I want it to be, I will postpone, yet again, the first episode of "RAW Edits".

Meh. Here is the shot...


It may not have turned out the way I want it to be, but I will still share my macro shot of the memory cards...

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sushi, Thou Art a Heartless B*tch

When Sushi Happens
I ended up getting an IV line with PLRS to hydrate me. Sushi, thou art a heartless b*tch.
Well, not always. It just so happened that my recent trip to my favorite Japanese restaurant, that will remain unnamed for their privacy, ended up with me feeling slightly nauseated and waking up to a bad stomach and several bad visits to the bathroom.

Thinking it will eventually just go away and not become a full blown acute gastroenteritis, I didn't bother going to the hospital I am having my internship in and have a fecalysis, let alone, start on empiric treatment, I just gone through my Saturday day off like any other day off; that is pig out, in spite of my condition, and sleeping more than half the day, dreading the next day, because I have Sunday duty.

Alas, Sunday duty did come, and alas, my abdominal pain and my loose watery stools have not subsided. Thinking of staying in for my duty instead, I still ended up going to the hospital for my duty seeing that I can get IV infused with fluids, get a fecalysis, and get some medications.

My abdominal pain didn't subside however, and I still frequent the bathroom to defecate. It was at this point where my boss in the department of surgery wanted me to go home, my former boss in the department of internal medicine wanted me to be confined, and my sister also wanted me to be confined.

Trying to be a hero and trying to stay instead on my duty, it wasn't long 'til I had to take the first offer and went home.

I am pretty darn sure I will have to make this up again, but at least I can have an easier time going to the bathroom if need be at home, than at the hospital; furthermore, how would my patient feel if I have an IV line on me while I try to take their history and physical examination? They'd be saying, why is a sick doctor assessing me?

Thus, I went home, went straight to sleep, having skipped breakfast, lunch, and dinner, today thanks to my condition. I have no appetite, plus I wouldn't want to aggravate it anyway/

So in the mean time, I decided to complete my tweaking of Windows 8.1, and tomorrow, since it is my off again, I will install some of my streaming programs so I can finally start making tutorials on how I take certain photos, and how I edit them. As well as finally start on my contemplated VLOG that is a long time coming.

Ah well, time will tell if I do make my VLOG lol

Anyways... that's it for now.


Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Quantum Leap to Windows 8.1

I have been putting this off for the longest time I'm afraid; partly due to the obviously atrocious Start Screen (formerly Metro) and the fact that the Start Button itself, the most recognizable button in the computer world, in my opinion was taken away. Running or searching programs will still be easy with the Win + R or Win + S commands, but if you were used to pressing the start button and start running programs by simply typing the program name may put you off slightly.

Now there are a lot of stuff I like and hate about Windows 8.1, but I will probably make an entirely different post when I have more time.

In fact, my pet peeves about this OS may have an easy work around that I have not discovered yet, as I am just 4 days into Windows 8.1.

I have installed personal scripts, and other programs that system hack it to make my Windows experience just the way I want it. And thus far, apart from the quirks, I am quite happy with Windows 8.1.

I will still learn the new features of this OS and add more tweaks to further enhance the experience and I will share my thoughts, as well as some of the scripts I have made and how they affect my OS and some of the programs I use to make my life a lot easier with the transition from Windows 7 to 8.1.

Anyways, I got duty again tomorrow, so I should hit the hay.


Quantum Leap into Windows 8.1
I am quite happy with my tweaks; starting to shape up into the OS it deserves to be; Here I am updating my Adobe CC programs. And as you can see, I have Asuka from Evangelion as my wallpaper. I have Rei on the other screen covered by Photoshop CC.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

RAW Edits: The Beginning of Everything?

I'll be trying to start a new segment her in my blog, that is, to show how I edit my shots and I will be giving out a link to the RAW file (not all my following entries in this segment will give out a link to my RAW photos; they may be under Copyrighted, other wise I will share anything deemed Public Domain), and give you, the audience a chance to edit them to your style and you may share it here in my blog or may be used in another site/publications/etc (but please, do respect me, the original photographer; please credit me and give a link to my Blogger and Flickr accounts).

I will be incorporating a video that I will dub over just to see my thoughts during the edits and why I chose to edit the way I did. I will soon incorporate live commentary as I edit on the spot with a webcam as well, but that is when I finally get settled in video editing as well as getting my room cleaned up.

This is the proposed intro to my videos; I used Adobe After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC to render this. The music is by Kevin MacLeod entitled "Early Riser" and the aperture animation is not originally mine, it is from ikander from Lucky 9 studios; apart from that, all other effects were done by me.

Tell me what you think? Is this a good idea? Hoping that I can keep this up especially since I can have a very busy lifestyle.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Blog on the Go: Tiring Duty?

Alright, let us be honest, I am probably known by heart in this hospital as the most toxic being ever to have stepped foot in their ward or emergency room. The legend of my toxicity reaches to even far flung hospitals... Okay, maybe not that far flung, but my legend reaches Garcia, AMC, Sacred Heart, St. Lukes, ONA, JBL, and VMMC. Hospitals that I have either ambulated a patient to, or even had my rotations as a clerk.

That legend, although derogatory in the fact that it speaks the very toxicity I exude, what most people claim, a blackish aura; though, I am pretty damn sure, they just can't tell the difference between the said blackish aura and the sun laden skin tone of mine. In a way, I am thankful by that legend even as above mentioned being slightly derogatory, because it also speaks of my composure under such toxicity; how I remain cool during codes and having to revive a patient; how there is an emergency operation, that I probably don't know how the procedure would be done or the anatomy around the organ we will be operating on; I still remain cool, doing the job I am expected to do, and them some; being to able to asnwer, for the most part at least, questions thrown at me. It definitely isn't something that one would be proud of, but I live and breath, and STRIVE, under such pressures. And it brings out whatever best I have in me.

This 24 hour tour of duty of mine, strangely, isn't the case. I wouldn't say that I am toxic, even after yet another emergency operation, that I had to assist, straining my puny arms retracting, legs giving out and shaking due to the fact that I skipped dinner just to assist, begging that time flew by, and I stayed in suspended animation, only to resume my life the way I knew it when the operation was finally over. But nope. Reality is a b*tch and said, "f**k you, I'm slowing down time even more so!". And yes, what was supposed to be an hour and half operation, felt like four hours... So I was running on empty by the time things were said and done.

On the very bright side, the patient that undergone an emergency appendectomy is stable, all well, and expected to be discharged this coming Thursday. Even if I complain about such things, I still care for my patients more than they'd ever know, more than I'd ever want them to know anyway; more than taking care of myself, or even that of my family members. For one, I never thought I'd ever have this kind of compassion, being known as the short tempered, insesitive shorty, that I am. And I always saw my patients as, okay, if I don't treat this patient right, I will get slapped with a demirit of unknown number of hours. But later on, I started to say, hey, we should treat this patient right, because I WANT HIM/HER to get better and have the quality of life he/she sorely desserves. I finally have that compassion. The sense of duty has always been with me, but the compassion, though late to the party, I finally have it a part of my management of patients.

Looking forward to my "from duty" status where I swear I'd sleep the day away, cancelling whatever plans I have to either the mall, the bank, my dentist, or the gym. My parents and every kind hearted or cruel souled elderly used to tell me to enjoy sleep; looking back at my younger self, I how I loathed you for not listening to the wise words of your parents or the elderly. Now that a lot older and not anywhere taller, I just wanna sleep all my free time away. And in doing so, sigh, I never get to study for my board exams whenever I am home. Ah well.

And with that... I'll end this post.

Til next time.


Here is a photo that was taken recently in a Joint Thanksgiving Medical Mission of my sisters, Dra. Canono, and Dra. Udarbe (my real sis lol)

Please do visit my Flickr Photostream

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Medical Mission, Alcala Pangasinan, A Success!

Got back from Alcala, Pangasinan, where the second leg of the joint medical mission of both my sister, Dra. Debbie Udarbe, and her best friend, considered as my sister as well, Dra. Rayzen Canono, was held. It was first held in Tarlac a week ago, which is the hometown of Dra. Canono, and the second leg was done at Pangasinan, which is the hometown of my mother. This medical mission was a thanksgiving mission as both my sisters (yep, I mean Dra. Canono and my real sis) finished their 3 year residency training in the Department of Internal Medicine at the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center.

I joined up on the second leg because both of them, sadly, were dated on my duty days, so I decided to be absent on one of my duties instead of both. And it was a natural choice for me when it came to the Pangasinan leg of the mission.

So lemme tell you a story through pictures...

Here, we have my sister (yellow shirt) and her friends from the hospital preparing and segregating the drugs that we will be issuing to the patients. They are a lovely bunch of people, her friends, and it made the hassle work of preparing a whole lot more fun and easier.

So you see my dad (on the left) here with the family friend checking the tarpaulin made for the occasion... then eventually, having a shot themselves (again, my dad at the left).

Then the very next day came, and so did the rest of the gang. Here we all are (well, minus me... being the photographer in all) having lunch right before the actual medical mission. We are so gonna need it.

Me (right) and one of my favorite bosses, Dr. Jasper Mamawi, having a pre-medical mission photo while we still look fresh, plus it gives my dad some practice before the event... seeing that I can't possibly take photos when I will attend to my own patients.

Finally. Here we are at the site of the mission. Many more patients behind the camera at this point. And we soon found out, a lot more will come. Over 150 patients. Both Pediatric patients (both me and Dra. Gaye Tiglao's, whom you will see later on, station) and Internal Medicine patients (all the doctors' station, including me and Dra. Tiglao).

Here, from left to right, Dra. Canono, Dr. Lloyd Lim, Dra. Tiglao. and I, were all preparing for the first wave of patients...

After seeing patients, whom we thought we would only handle the Pediatric patients, it turns out we would also see the Internal Medicine patients due to the number of older patients outweighing the number of the younger patients, we decided to have a photo together to prove that in spite of it all, we can still smile and look fresh.

The gang! Minus my sister... From left to right, Dra. Canono, Dr. Lim, Dra. Tiglao, me, and Dr. Mamawi. It was at this point we were about to pack up our things as we have finished a successful medical mission.

And then the commemorative group photo. This time you can see my sister next to me. We are with the Health Care Workers and the Captain and his men of the town who helped us make this all possible.

Here are the two stars of the event. My sisters. Yes, that's Dra. Canono and my real sister, Dra. Udarbe. This is their thanksgiving mission for graduating from their 3 year residency training of Internal Medicine.

And of course, there is dinner after. Minus me, since I took over the photographer role. Here you can see my grandmother third from the right, and to her left are my cousin Ron-Ron and his mom, my auntie Gretchen.

And lastly. The night party. I don't drink alcohol. Just saying.

I will add some of my favorite shots that I post processed from the event, hosted by Flickr:

Friday, 1 August 2014

Blog on the Go: My Essentials

As time went on, my essentials in travelling grew in size. Apart from the obvious, like the many endless boxer shorts, and other apperel, and toiletries, I now include my techy gadgets.

Let's start with the ever useful laptop: I own a cheapo Acer Aspire One D270 notebook, that does its job for me in terms of blogging, making presentations, checking my social sites, etc. I don't play games when I'm in vacation, come on, that's the only time my skin is ever exposed to sunlight and I can always play in my beast of a system at home. Plus it is disturbing when someone looks over my shoulder while I play games anyway; rather play in my man cave anyday. Also,  i don't plan to edit photos/videos while I'm in vacation; well, maybe if it's a months vacation, okay,  I will bring my other laptop, which isn't a beast, but can do the job of editing media fairly well. Thus in saying all that, I did not feel the need to buy a high end laptop as this notebook feels whatever need I have on the road.

Next, I bring my Apple iPad Mini along for the trip. I like having it around since I feel better reading ebooks on a table than on a laptop; if the case may be that I need to make a presentation from the ebook I just read and highlighted on my iPad Mini, I can just open the similar file on my notebook, find where I previously highlighted, and Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V is imminent. I also like my iPad because I can take quick pics and immediately blog about it... Like what I'm doing right now. Plus, if I want to check my emails or social sites, this seems to be a faster and more convenient method over the notebook. 

The very next essential, is truly essential. That is my Huawei Pocket WiFi where ny ISP is from Sun Telecommunications. How can I possibly check my mail or social sites otherwise!?

Recently, which is like 5 years ago, I bought my DSLR, a Nikon D5000, and is the inspiration to make another blog account to talk about how I shoot certain shots, what I think about shooting, and how I post process my photos. It is a mid range DSLR, but I wasn't sure how far I'd take my photography back then. I also bought a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 prime lens to expand on my skills. I certainly have gone a long way since the day I first started, and I continue to improve my technique. I bring it along with me for photowalks, or special events, such is the case as tomorrow is my sister's medical mission. I love to look for what I call "The Money Shot"; the photo that defines the whole trip. The best damn photo I could ever take at that time of my vacation, photowalk, or event. Thus, I'm still on the look out for that shot.

Lastly, of course, I'll bring my cellphone. It's just a Nokia A202, dual sim, so I have 2 providers, perfect in calling residents who have 2 of the more common providers here in the Philippines. I have an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4, but they are usually at home, and since I am used to my Nokia more and the fact accidents do happen, if I drop my Nokia in the hospital, it will still be alive the next day.

So those are my new essentials when travelling.

Still not sleeping just yet as we prepare for tomorrow. Plus we are kind of excited about the whole event, everyone is running on adrenaline and endorphins.

That's it for now...


Blog on the Go: Colds and Pangasinan Medical Mission

When both my heroes in Internal Medicine, namely my sister, Dra. Debbie Udarbe, and her best friend, who is effectively my other sister, Dra. Rayzen Canono, made plans of having a joint medical mission in Tarlac, where Dra. Canono's hometown, and another one in Pangasinan, our mother's hometown, once they both finish their residency program, I knew that I would want to volunteer myself to aid them even if it means I will be having make up duties later on in my internship.

I just arrived here in Pangasinan with my whole family sans my eldest who is in the States right now, but we have the whole gang more or less. Our friends and colleagues will be arriving later tonight and tomorrow morning just in time for the medical mission that will be held in the afternoon.

I was greeted by old friends, relatives, and my grandmother from my mother's side. Of course, conversations starts either by them saying "my have you grown" or "do you remember me?". Ah yes, the typical questions... Smile and answer appropriately.

I was also greeted with some boiled bananas, rice cakes, and whoppers from Burger King... So, having the taste buds of an American, you'd know I'll definitely gone for them bananas... Obviosuly. Sarcasm alert if you missed it.

As you can see from the picture, no rest for the wicked as I am making my presentation for an upcoming report. Such is life. Such is medicine.

One thing for sure, tomorrow will be grand, even if it is cloudy at this time, and even if it will probably rain tomorrow, it certainly will be grand. The best part is, I can proudly where my white coat, even if I'm just an intern, and to be standing next to my sisters (including Dra. Canono) who are already consultants during the whole event, along with being with my buddies from the ER department in AUFMC, I can't imagine a better way to spend my weeked, albeit, I will be making up for the lost duties later on. Not to mention that I have colds. Again.