Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Oblivion and Beyond

Spent another day just downloading various mods for Oblivion, testing them if they would work on my system, and seeing if there will be conflicts with different mods activated simultaneously. I know I should have been studying today, but I guess I have felt the need to play some games these past few days just to remove whatever void I think I have. Hmmm...

Anyways, I'm supposed to give my modlist for Oblivion when I am confident I got all the mods I want and need to experience Oblivion in a fresh new perspective. After this, I might play a few quests before I start modding Skyrim as well... I want to play both games in the best way the modding community can offer.

Here is a preview of Oblivion with the mods I have installed. I will give the list here when I am done with all the installs and tests of various more mods I have yet to install.

Imperial Isle... You can also see that my FPS is 59 (maxes at 60 since I
use VSync). I got godrays and more realistic water. Complete list 
will be up soon. Stay tuned!