Monday, 21 July 2014

Blog on the Go: Holy Cow!

Talk about a strange twist of events, what started out as a nice benign day, is turning out to become toxic, albeit, nowhere near the end of my duty. Sure, my department, surgery, is nit that toxic, but the deparments of both IM and pediatrics are having quite the party.

I was nearly becomig the Avatar, wherein the departments are analogous to the 4 elements; I was the Senior Intern of surgery, internal medicine, and pediatrics... The only thing missing is OB-GYNE. Not that I really want to be affiliated with that department yet. It is thrilling, and somehow,  i strive under these toxicities. To think handling 3 different departments that are worlds apart that I could still be able to make diagnoses, give out therapeutics, etc., that are still within the accepted clinical practices definitely elates me.

Now, here's hoping everything will calm down from here on out, but still ready for whatever action may come.

So, here we go!!