Sunday, 20 July 2014

Blog on the Go: First!

An auspicious moment indeed! This is the first official blog post I will publish outside the confines of the four bland corners of what is sait to be my room.

I am on duty here in Angeles Univeristy Foundation Medical Center under the Department of Surgery, what is supposed to be a benign rotation, but as always is the case with little ol' me, I can still make it toxic in spite of what other people say about this department. Just a disclaimer, not all departments of surgery in different hospitals are benign; as we all know, it is a bloody specialty, but it becomes ever more so toxic in public hospitals, and a lot less in private hospitals, as such is my case.

Surgery, as I have mentioned time and again in the past, is my first love; even if we drift apart every so often, I still find myself longing for my first love. However, I am falling madly in love with Internal Medicine, specifically, Cardiology, and I think this love is for real. I am still young, and I am still in the early phases of my career; heck! I don't have a license just yet! Thus, my fickle mind can go on being fickle until I pass my boards about what specialty I would take.

Much as I enjoyed my stay at Departmen of Internal Medicine in the first 2 months of my Senior Internship, I am having a blast here at surgery. The residents are just as cool as my rsident in internal medicine, plus being my first love, making the transition from medicine to surgery was a breeze.

Well, as nearly half my duty is almost done today, everything seems to be all nice and benign (gasp! I might have jinxed the duty!). I'm surrounded by my ER nurse pals, my favorite residents, and my co interns, so I'm gonna have a blast tonight alright!

With that I end this post...