Thursday, 24 July 2014

Blog on the Go: All Star Duty

Today's duty is shaping up to be a fun one; I am doing things I don't normally do, being assigned tasks of a different caliber than what has already been being tasked onto me, and some, doing things that I missed doing. It was a galore... It was like being an All-Star.

First off, I was asked to ambulate a patient. Something that I honestly missed doing. Having to joyride in the front seat of an ambulance, seeing traffic move aside just to give th amubulance the clearance it needs to glide thru the road, being the team leader of the ambulance, is something that is wonder to experience. And I have missed that when I was a clerk last year. Thankfully, the patient was just travelling from the hospital I am affiliated with, AUFMC, to Garcia Hospital, which is not to far from AUFMC. Furthermore, the patient is not toxic; he just went there for CT Stonogram.

Upon coming back, I resumed my post as being the overall, Go-To PGI in the ER, not limited to my Dept of Surgery, but that of Internal Medicine, and sometimes Pediatrics. So there I was, right smack in the middle of things, as i was greeted with a moderate amount of patients in the ER. All good. Survived. For the most part. Then came my ultimate boss, Dra. Labrador where her friend had a laceration on his left foot, just between his second and third digits; since I'm just an intern, there is a limitation in what wounds I can suture, and his wound was beyond my level, and so my awesome resident took over, but I stayed behind to help in the suturing nonetheless, and that doesn't mean I am no longer the apple of they eye of Dra. Labrador, where she specifically told her friend to look for "Dr. Christian Udarbe" for changing his wound dressings the following day. Imagine that, I got one patient looking for me now.

Plus a commemorative photos to mark the event! I'm the semi bald guy with glasses, golden finish steth, second from the right of the front row. 

When things settled down a bit,  I chattered away with my nurse friends in the ER, to my residents, and to my fellow interns, and just having a blast during that grace period when there were no patients. We decided to buy burgers at Mickey D's and had to give a share, strangely, I was only asked to five pesos... And I got a cheese burger.

This was the best five pesos I ever spent.

When the wave of patients resumed, I immediately received 3 patients simultaneously that were quite interesting, and literally hands on; one is of a little girl that was playing with a bearing and got it stuck on her 3rd digit of her right hand. Her parents tried the old remedies such as soap, oil, and whatnot, but to no avail, thus, we called for the big guns, er, tools; it was workshop all over again. Second was a chicken bone dislodged in the patient's right tonsil; when he complained of swallowing a bone and feeling of a foreign body, I thought. I had to refer to an ENT, but on inspection, I was surprised it was so clearly seen in dislodged in the tonsil that was easily removed with the proper instruments.

Then it quieted down again, and it was at this point where I was tasked to remove an IV cutdown; a first for me, and thankfully it wasn't as difficult I thought it would be. Still, albeit, being easy,  being a first, it was a scary yet fun and worthwhile experience for me.

Finally, the last patient I saw on the duty was a burn patient. Thankfully, the calculated TBSA using the rule of nines rounded off to less than 3 percent, and being a first degree burn by a steaming pipe and not an electrical burn lr anything of the like, patient was treated as an out patient, where the wound was cleaned and silver sulfadiazine was applied.

I must say, it was one of the duties to remember in part due to the plethora of cases and tasks. It was not repetitive, thus, it didn't get boring, fast. Though, it kinda did get me tired. Wow, me saying I got tired in a duty is a rarity; even if I get toxic, I would never say I am tired. But here we are...

Anyway, that's what had unfolded during my 24 hour tour of duty. One for the books.

Til next time!