Wednesday, 5 March 2014

VLOG Up Soon?

So, I got mail... and in that mail... er package... I got me an A4Tech PK910h 1080p Webcam.

This is primarily going to be used for Skype and Oovoo for friends, family, and significant others, when chatting on those platforms.

But I might be using it for my future vlog... It has been long over due; I have been planning to make a vlog for so long now, and recently I really started thinking about videography as much as I do think about photography, so that was another factor going into my decision to finally put up a vlog.

This is not going to be a review of the product, its more of an overview and unboxing of the product. I will see if I have time to finally hook it up and run it with my copy of Dxtory and Open Broadcaster Software (for vloggers or streamers check this video out to set it up from Logan of Tek Syndicate).

Anyways for the unboxing:

So I ordered this in PCHub online, since the branch of PCHub near my place closed down due to leasing issues with the mall they were stalled in; I ordered express, so it came the very next day while I was on duty at the hospital. Very glad to see this in the mail when I got home.

Simple plastic packaging, it was opened already in order for PCHub to place the necessary stickers to indicated when I purchased this for warranty purposes. Ignore that hairclip over there. It ain't mine. OBVIOUSLY. It is from diz gherl ai lyk. I use it as lucky charm.

Inside the package you'd find the webcam itself, surprised by the petite-ness of the webcam itself as the pictures in the advertisements look a little larger than that. It also comes with a quick set-up guide and a driver cd (which, by now, if you are truly part of the PC master race, should know that you are better off throwing those away and look for the latest drivers directly from the website... then again if one has no unlimited access to internet, I guess these cd's still have a purpose after all.).

Closer look at the petite webcam. Clean and simple look. Build wise? This is certainly a plastic fantastic webcam... if dropped on concrete from a certain height, it will get scratched and possibly have a crack in the body and not simply just a nick.

I appreciate that this was shipped with a cable tie and not the usual cable twist ties. This makes it easier for me to manage yet another USB cable in my system.

And here she is mounted on one of my monitors. My gripe with the attachment mechanism is that it isn't spring loaded to have counter force to be exerted in order to have a better clamp on the monitor. If the webcam is manipulated enough... and by enough, even if you slightly adjust the camera's perspective or angle, the attachment mechanism may shimmy out of place because of the lack of the spring loaded mechanism for it to clamp on the monitor properly.

Well, that's that for now. I will set it up and test it ASAP and write another blog... or even launch my first vlog about this camera.