Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Yet another "vintage film" style post process...

Lately, I have been quite interested in film style post processing using Lightroom 5.3 and Color Efex Pro 4. I have always to shoot with real film, and having my dad's good ol' Canon AE-1, one would think that I am able to do it at a regular basis. But sadly no, I still stick my own Nikon D5000 and try and post process photos ala film.

One reason why I still haven't shot with film using my dad's camera is that I don't have the confidence of shooting with film and having it developed in a way that I don't intend it to. So, until I learn how to mix chemicals for developing, and garner enough self esteem to shoot with film, I will resort to what has tickled my fancy as of late: Post processing with the style of film...

Here is yet another vintage film inspired edit:

A little back story behind the shot: This was taken last June 2013, during which one of my very first residents in my medical clerkship decided to leave the hospital we are both in for a better post in a different hospital. So this is her going away party, where THEY drank (yes they, I don't drink alcoholic beverages... that happens to be my Coke on the left); where we ate; and where we sang... and pray it won't rain thanks to our horrible voices.

I have tried several types of edits, but this film inspired one is my favorite. It may look more saturated as compared to my previous film edit... here it is in case you've missed:

But either way, they are definitely edits that are akin to classic film shot... high grains, either muted or saturated colors... NOSTALGIA.

So that's it...


Keep shooting! Never look back!