Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's is SAD (Single's Awareness Day)

I actually hate the thought of Valentine's this year, that being the fact I won't be able to see or spend that day with my favorite girl in the world (I will constantly call her my favorite girl, because we aren't an official couple. I sure wish we were... but hey), do the cliche things that a would be couple would do at such an auspicious occasion. So all the more, I being reminded how SINGLE I really am... Thus, it is SAD... Single's Awareness Day.

For years, I've had this ritual per se, thanks to my loving mother; that is, to give all the girls, all the close friend girls to be exact, roses on Valentine's Day. I started doing this ever since High School and still do it up to this day... well maybe not this year, because I'm in clerkship, and the fact that I have that one special girl on my mind that I just want to shower a bouquet on her and drown her on chocolates. But again, can't see my would be better half because of clerkship... Ah, medicine, thou is such a heartless bitch that entails so much sacrifice that it is gnawing away my insides.

I stumbled into this cover of "Officially Missing You", the types of songs an alternative rocker like me would normally NOT listen to, but since it was covered by Natsumiii (AKA Sweetiebutt in YouTube), who happens to be a League (of Legends) junkie, as well as a great singer, I had to click on that thumbnail of a video, and was pleasantly, audibly, surprised by her cover. Then again, I should have not expected any less from her.

Here is the cover:

Yes. I am officially missing my favorite girl in the world. But until I graduate from Medicine in a few months time, I should keep a clear mind that she will still be around by that time and I should just focus on my immediate studies first.

Anyways, as much as I hate the occasion this year, I will still wish you all a Happy, love filled, Valentine's Day!