Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tuesday I'm In Love...

Yes, since it isn't a Friday, I couldn't use in reference the ethereal "Friday I'm In Love" by The Cure. Now, I have just have been out of the of nearly 36 hours our Duty/From Duty status in the hospital, where I will admit, to no embarrassment or regret, that I have escaped an hour early... Why would I escape an hour early you might ask? A role model clerk (or quite close to that at least...) doing something like leaving an hour early? It's more of a sacrilege! It's like tipping over a snow cone of a 3 year old...

Well, I did so... for love.

Now that is too cliche?

Sure, maybe so, but I am grinning from ear to ear, not a care in the world, and suddenly my fears and hatred of the rest of my 2 weeks of clerkship is nothing but a distant memory... well until the reality of it all breaks my every bit of happiness again.

Anyways, we live far apart from each other, me and this dream girl of mine, a nurse, who I worked with in JBL. She was literally every little bit I dreamed of. And every bit more than that. But sadly, as I said earlier, she WORKED at the same hospital as me, her contract expired, and she decided to not have it renewed, so seeing each other, especially her locations admixed with my schedule is impossible to say the very least. 

I always said that once I graduate, I will visit her often in her far flung of a home. But that is still a ways to go; I've tried many times however to visit her when I'm out of the hospital early, but something else comes up and leaves sad and dead on the insides.

The only way we get to see each other is through Skype (thank you Skype <3), and in one of our many Skype conversations, I made a joke if she would visit the hospital to see her old friends, and she replied "I don't have my old friends there anymore" (because they, too, didn't renew their contract). And I subsequently replied, "Well, I'm still here, that should account for something, right? So why not visit me?", then she replied "I'll think about it..."; which usually means, NOPE. But suddenly, I received a text message saying she will meet up with me in the hospital, and I immediately asked her out for a coffee date that she accepted if only I am able to leave work early, since she lives quite a ways after all, she doesn't have the complete luxury of time at her side.

Oh happiness... it was all around.

We agreed on Tuesday (today) and it couldn't have come any sooner... and sadly, I wasn't told to leave the hospital early, and yet, I decided to escape. Looking, for even just a little moment with my dear, I'd do anything.

So we met each other, exchanged late Valentine's Day gifts, hugged, exchanged kisses on the cheeks, and had our usual walk around the mall before settling down for coffee. Nostalgia. Familiar. I was madly in love with her and the feeling.

And this is us:

And that's how happy life should be.

One will always find ways, or in this case, two will always find ways to have a moment with each other; she went out of her way to meet me, and I risked having a demerit for disappearing one hour a bit early.

And as the Moon now shows itself in this clear night sky, short of having a lake, river, or the like, I am reminded of Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad's (Anime) or Beat Crusaders' (Original artist of the song) "Moon on Water", where a verse goes:

"Full moon sways
 Gently in the night of one fine day
 On my way
 Looking for a moment with my dear..."

Looking for a moment with my dear... Well, I found a moment with my dear.