Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Spell Toxicity

Second day of my glorious return to medical clerkship, and I have tasted what I was already used to before. The toxicity of medical clerkship.

To think I am used to it by now, why am I bickering about it? Well, this is of a different level... one that not even I can get used to. Now here, I wonder, how can I get through the last 3 weeks of clerkship with this kind of toxicity?

Sadly, no other way to go about it but to just face it, head on. Just like how your room gets messier before it gets any cleaner, in medicine, it just gets harder before it gets any better.

This is just going to be a short and sweet post, because that's who I am; literally short and sweet.

Bright days are definitely ahead of me, and my classmates... Respect to all the doctors out there for going through all this crap... and never, ever, giving up. So what makes them any better than me? I will make it. Pass all this crap. And where that white coat with an MD at the end of my name.