Sunday, 9 February 2014

So, hello... I haven't been here in awhile. How are you?

Some random title that akin to become more of a conversation opener if anything.

So, yes, it has been too long since I placed my hands inside my head, into my brain, picking out words to synthesize together to make a sensible blog post. This is so because I am nearing the end of my junior medical internship (AKA clerkship) and it had to be the major rotations at the tail end of my junior internship. Guess I'm just lucky?

Well, to make matters worse, just a few weeks ago, I was struck down with an incredible 5 days straight of migraine (I do suffer from chronic migraine, but this was the first time in my life that I experienced a migraine more than 2 days and non-responsive to whatever medications I'd overdose myself with) and with measles. Can you believe that... measles?

Tomorrow, I will return to the hospital known as JBHell (JBL) and finish my last 3 weeks of clerkship with a bang! I was out for 2 weeks, and pray that I don't have to make up for it in such a huge way since we got no time for make ups after this as we are preparing for our exams by 3 weeks time.

I'm edging ever closer to my dream white coat, and nothing, not even the scary comprehensive exams will stop me from reaching my goals. I WILL WEAR THAT WHITE COAT; I WILL HAVE AN MD AT THE END OF MY NAME. I am determined.

So to that end, wish me luck and give me prayers as I cap off this 1 year clerkship the best way I know.