Sunday, 11 August 2013

Rain Check

I was going to lecture today in a hospital in Arayat, Pampanga, as part of my requirement in the community rotation I am currently in. However, last night, the rain began subtly, and other cities and provinces has announced no classes for elementary and high school. Of course, college was not suspended just yet because the rain wasn't too hard for the government officials to think otherwise. And even if they are suspended, we are already post-graduates in School of Medicine, so we would still be left out of the "no-class-festivities" if ever the college classes were suspended.

The lovely thing is, even if me and my groupmates are post-graduates, currently 4th year, thus Junior Medical Interns in the School of Medicine, we are not in any hospital rotation right now to require us to be present, rain or shine. We are in community rotation, so our head of the department in Preventive, Family, and Community Medicine, sent us a message saying we will not meet today. I received the message around 5am, thus, I slept and extra 6 hours. Hey, I have to enjoy this free time because my major hospital rotations are fast approaching again and I won't taste good sleep in my last 6 months of junior internship.

I didn't take any photos yet of the nice bed-weather, but this photo I will share was from my Psychiatry Rotation a month ago. I was already done with my 36 hour duty and hence I was going from Veterans' Memorial Medical Center in Manila. I don't live in Manila, nor do I drive a car, so I take the bus home to and from Angeles, Pampanga. It was also raining most of the time of my two week rotation there, and I took this as I was going home:

Rain or Shine
On the way home...

So yeah, this bed-weather is, what else? Enticing me to go back to bed. Which I think I will after I take my lunch. So that's it for now.