Saturday, 2 February 2013

2013 Week 5: Hello February... Hello new PC components!

First off! It's February! Do you have date? Because I don't! The 14th will be singles awareness day, forever alone, or whatever day you'd want to call it. It sucks. I know.

Big eyed geek with his SSD

But anyways, such a productive week I had in terms of getting closer to completing my dream system build; I posted earlier that I just bought my Plextor M5 Pro 128gb SSD - I'm still learning how to properly set SSD's up so I could fully utilize it's speed and provide for it longevity. I was supposed to order me a Gainward GTX 660ti but I guess the staff in PCHub got confused and said I can't place my order for those because their supplier doesn't seem to have it even if hey advertised they did. I talked this over to the main branch and they said they do have it in their main warehouse and that even if they hadn't, their supplier would. So, to put it short, I ratted out on the branch near my place to the big bosses and they said they cleared this up, so the next time I go there, they will process my order. BOOYAH! I will also complete my sleeved PSU cables when I order my video card.

The Bitfenix Superspeed USB 3.0 Card Reader and the 3x SATA 3 sleeved cables on top of the box
Just this morning, I got my Bitfenix Superspeed Card Reader and 3 SATA 3 sleeved cables in the mail. So it really is coming into fruition, the completion of my mega system. Of course I would still want a second 23" IPS monitor, but that will be in summer now. I decided to buy me this card reader since I don't have a card reader installed on my desktop, I had to run my SD cards and whatnot on my laptop which is in my home network and I simply transfer it to my desktop. Daunting. So now that wouldn't be a problem. I got the sleeved cables because I trying to go for the clean look inside my chassis. Oh yeah, by tomorrow, I will be sending in my window panel to the custom shop in order for them to make a clear side panel as opposed to my original smoked black window.

Next weekend is a 3 day weekend, thus perfect time to upgrade some components. This way, on Friday night it is planning and studying the SSD, Saturday is build and installing day, Sunday is benchmarking and stress testing, and finally Monday is gaming day. Perfect.