Tuesday, 12 February 2013

This is Why I am Single!

I am so psyched! Ten months into the making of my brand new, pseudo-uber, Intel based system build, I finally get the remaining components... minus the second 23" IPS monitor, which I hope to purchase be the end of summer.

Now that I have the components that I have waited for the longest time for, reasons being lack of money, unavailability of the components, insecurity of the components chosen and thereof, I may now return to saving up my monies for photography related gadgets.

With this build, I am much more older than I was before when I built my previous systems, meaning that I really know how to keep this new build from dying prematurely; that is not to say my previous builds died the following day after building, nay, my previous builds each had a life span between 3-4 years before dying from a preventable cause (for which I will not state here... because its so avoidable you'd call me stupid).

I have pulled out all the stops on this new build, and will see this lasting well over it's predecessors - and when it is high time to upgrade my whole system again, certain parts will remain such as the case, my eventual dual 23" IPS monitors, extension cables, HDD's, SSD, the cooling solutions, and my peripherals like mouse and keyboard. Lessens my future expenses on the upgrade, I can buy the beast (yes not best, but BEAST) of a CPU (I currently run an i7 3770, which is a beast on its own, and I don't to overclock, so I chose the locked version of the CPU... aka, the non-K), quad channel my RAM (I still run on dual channel), and of course, spend on the latest beast of a video card (I have never owned an AMD, formerly ATI, videocards, I have always run Nvidia since that is what I was used to plus Adobe Creative Suite seemed to love CUDA; who knows maybe in the future, I will try out AMD cards).

Gotta love receiving packages; As I opened the box I was greeted to my previous smoked black window side panel (behind) and my new clear side panel, of which I haven't removed the covering just yet.
First off, I received a package last Saturday containing my custom made clear side panel to replace my smoked windowed side panel. As you can see, I haven't removed the protective covering yet, I plan to do all that this coming weekend as I upgrade the parts to my PC. I will also re-imagine how I would want the LED lights to light up my system now that I have a clear side panel.

The most awesome component that I finally have is the Gainward GTX 660Ti that I ordered in the shop I usually buy my parts, PC Hub. It is a beast of a box, and a beast of a card! Effectively using 2 slots on my expansion slots but is really taking up to 3 slots inside the case, I will have to sacrifice one legacy PCI and one PCI 1x slot to have this bad boy in my system... which is okay, since I don't plan on using the legacy nor the PCI 1x. And if I do, there are one of each extra in my board. Surely can't wait to try this out on my Adobe products and use the CUDA cores plus the Intel Quick Sync to render videos faster and of course! GAMES! I can't wait to return to Tamriel and play Oblivion again. Yes, I like Oblivion better than Skyrim. But that is coming from me who hasn't played Skyrim as much yet. But Oblivion was effectively my first Elder Scrolls game I played, so there is so much sentimental value to it, and I love the green environment as opposed to the Nordic icy feeling of Skyrim.

Completed my NZXT extension cables; this will look great with my already owned 24-pin and 8-pin NZXT extension cables. These are all sleeved.

NZXT didn't have SATA 3 data cables that were sleeved, so I got my buddy at WestSide Case Mods to make this.

I then completed my sleeved cables and sleeved extension cables from NZXT; I previously had just the 24-pin and 8-pin motherboard extension cables. Now I have two 6+2 PCI-e extension cables, three SATA power cable extension cables, both are sleeved by NZXT, and three custom made SATA 3 data cables. I don't like how the Corsair GS700, my current PSU, had it's cables sleeved, so I got these sleeved cables and extension cables to have a cleaner look and hide the aesthetically unpleasing PSU cables tucked away, creatively, in the back of the motherboard tray. Good thing the Bitfenix Shinobi has a respectable cable management option, it may not be the best, but it is indeed respectable... especially, like I said, if you ahave creativity in tucking your cables away.

My Bitfenix Superspeed USB 3.0 Card Reader and the 5.25" to floppy bay adapter that came with my Bitfenix Shinobi case.

Plextor M5 Pro 128gb SSD! Finally in the SSD bandwagon!
And was previously mentioned in other posts, I also got my card reader from Bitfenix and a 128gb Plextor M5 Pro SSD. With these components, I wish to see an increase in overall performance and a decrease in the time I spend on post-processing and rendering.

Now, I shall save most of my money on that lens I have been craving for two years now. Of course, I still want to get the second 23" IPS monitor, but it isn't as much of my priority now.


I'll just throw in my previous purchases; you can see some of my components I bought in the 10 months leading up to my recent purchases.

Will put all these together in the weekend!

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