Saturday, 9 February 2013

I Switched to Windows 8

Actually I am still testing Windows 8 on my guinea pig of a laptop.

I will be chronicling my time with Windows 8 for the next 30 days. No, I will not post every day til the 30 days are up for my personal evaluation period of this OS. I will be posting like I always do... weekly (BTW, my weekly 2013 posts will be updated soon... I am busy with med school stuff and computer stuff as of the moment. I can't even do my self portrait project T_T).

So far, I had a slight hiccup when installing since I was trying to install the ISO from the site using my flashdrive, but after an hour more of tweaking, I got it to work.

When Windows 8 first started, some personalizing, etc, here and there, had to be done. After that, I was taken to the interface formerly known as "Metro" (a tribute to Logan from TekSyndicate ), the Start Screen, and it was lovely, but I was soooo confused!

I can't navigate to where I'd want to check my system, etc. I had to go to desktop view and navigate my way around. Still was confusing as hell.

I then went on to to download my necessities, like Chrome, and I also got the start orb for Windows 8. Now, I can easily navigate Windows 8 from the desktop. I'd still have to get used to the Start Screen though.

As for now, I will be heading to bed and continue my evaluation run in the morning. I like how fast it is in boot. But only time will tell if that is the only strong point of this OS for me...