Sunday, 10 February 2013

2013 Week 6: Headache Headache Headache

This week was riddled with my chronic migraine bugging me most of the time. Must be the heat, must be other factors; it just happens every afternoon in class, and even if I take my medications to thwart this migraine, it was all in vain, as it persisted in spite of it all.


Its a three day weekend for me! More or less... because I have to be in school on Monday for a research. But it still is considered a three day weekend for me. What I plan to do first is to fix my laptop by backing up all its files and switching to Windows 8; it will be my genie pig for my desktop before I make the big leap to Windows 8 and subsequently into this, mysterious, Windows Blue, that is said to be a free upgrade from Windows 8, that is, of course, your copy of Windows 8 is legit.

I also plan to finally do that series of self portraits that I have put off for weeks.

I also happen to have received my clear side panel window that I had cut so now my inner workings of my PC system can now be seen. I will post pics in time... I also received some good news that my orders, Gainward GTX660Ti and my PSU extension cables are now available in the shop where I purchase most of items. It's time to play Morrowind (Overhaul) and Oblivion again (up to this day, I haven't completed either game) and I will finally try out this Skyrim that has been collecting dust since I can remember.

I can then begin my long awaited "debut" in videography or even just a  simple venture to audio visual presentations. I got my copies of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6. I am quite psyched I got a videocard that can handle own its own (especially when OC'd) in games and that has enough silicon power in the form of CUDA cores to aid me in my media edits.

Now, I will have to venture on my own to San Fernando, which is ways to go from where I am living, just to get those items. Time to shelf out some cash to get it and be poor this coming Valentine's which doesn't really make a difference anyway; I got no one to spend it with T_T

Anyways, I shall try and finish my reports for this coming Tuesday so I may pick up my items on Monday afternoon.