Saturday, 12 January 2013

2013 Week 2: Four Days of Exams, "Window Shopping", and The Search for he "Tape of the GAWDS!"

The second week of the year, and concurrently, the second week of the resuming of my classes, we had four days of consecutive exams and not too mention a couple of reports in between. 

It started at Monday, with an exam in Internal Medicine which I survived thanks to the plasma cell disorder topic, specifically, multiple myeloma, that I had read maybe three times over from November to December because I was mistaken (yes, three times mistaken) about the topics to be lectured (I thought it was plasma cell disorders but it wasn't... three times...).

Then Tuesday came without Morrie, but exam and two preceptorships made me feel as I have ALS. But just like the day before, I passed with flying colors in the exam in Pharmacology. Fist pump of pure awesome-ness.

Wednesday had yet another exam, this time in Clinical Pathology, which was easy enough, but I had mental block that made me want to commit suicide from the 4th floor of our university's School of Medicine building. Thankfully, still passed, but not the way I wanted.

Thursday, that where sh*t just got real! The exam in Pediatrics made me fear and loathe children again. That is enough to say that the exam was difficult. Can't win them all, my mom told me, and I guess she is right. Immediately after the exam, me and buddy, Joed, skipped on that afternoon's preceptorship in Pediatrics to meet up with a cardiologist, Dr. Jocson, to have our Pharmacology research paper on the adherence of the physicians here in the Philippines with the CPG on dyslipidemia; it needed a lot of revisions... to say the least. Good thing Joed is such a soldier to stay up that night and even sacrificed entering Neurology the very next morning. Kudos, Joed... kudos.

So Friday came, my voice echoed around the university, shouting TGIF and a tribute to my all time favorite band ever, The Cure, I also shouted "It's Friday I'm in Love!". It was supposed to be the day I just relax and not care about life; where I can merely sleep in class and not care if the weight of my professors eyes were upon little ol' me. I DIDN'T CARE ANYMORE.


Remember that Pharmacology research paper Joed had to finish the night before? Well, that, along with the other researches that we have (Yes, we have multiple research papers spanning Obstetrics, Gynecology, Preventive Medicine, and Pharmacology; we more or less have the same grouping in each research paper, so we divided the "capable" ones in the different departments to lead... in doing so, I was in Pharmacology with Joed.) were supposed to be passed on that Friday to the IRB (forgot it stood for, but its a panel where they give the go signal or not; they talk amongst eachother in the panel to give verdict); like every year, we are supposed to just pass and they will just let us know of any revisions needed and whatnot. We need not have an oral defense. Well... they suddenly said we will have an oral defense. So most of us leaders were dumbfounded. So my TGIF and Friday I'm in Love became Friday the 13th (which so happens to be the day I was born...). Got through that scare since when it was supposed to be me and Joed's turn to defend, it was too late for the panel to stay any longer, so they said they will just take home our paper and give us the verdict next week. Dodged a bullet there. But the stress was too much for me to enter a good mood again later that day.

During the hectic week, I was also in the market for a "modder" of PC cases since my case, the Bitfenix Shinobi, has a smoked windowed side panel. Too smoked to really see the beauty inside. I was literally "Window Shopping". Therefore, I went up to the forums where most PC enthusiasts are here in the Philippines and was pointed the guys at Ragezmodz PC Workz and they happen to have a window for the same case two months ago. And thus, I ordered a customized clear window side panel for my case. But I requested not to include the fan mounting holes and the mounting holes for the actual window for my side panel; I rather do what the guys at MonsterMawd does... use the Tape of the GAWDS (3M VHB #4010).

My current PC project is to change the smoked window (lower right) with a clear window. I ordered a clear window without the fan mount holes and asked not to include the holes for the screws where the window will be placed into the side panel (upper right). Not much use for the screws (lower left) anymore since I will be using the "Tape of the .GAWDS"

Also during the week, I was in search for this double-sided tape. I just found it yesterday in SM at Ace Hardware for a good enough price; they didn't have the #4010, I just got #5070 which is essentially the same, but this one holds up to 5lbs unlike the #4010 that holds up to 2lbs, and the #4010 is a clear double-sided tape while the #5070 isn't. All good since it will be used in the opposite side of the side panel where it won't be seen.

Lo and behold! The "Tape of the GAWDS"!

And that's how my week went... How was yours? That just may be a rhetorical question... LOL

Anyways, tomorrow is when I turn 24! I was born way back at January 13, 1989, which so happens to be a Friday, hence, why my name was supposed to be Jason. I ended being named Christian, which is better. Child of God as they say. And I wouldn't have gone for in my studies and life without my faith.

Well, that's it for now, I have been tying on the fly for like 30minutes so I am starting to get numb in my wrists... No it isn't carpal tunnel syndrome. I more or less impinged on my ulnar nerve since my medial 1/3 of my ring finger and the whole pinky of my left hand is numb. LOL