Saturday, 5 January 2013

2013 Week 1: Crazy Two-Day School Week...

New Year's Treats!
Happy New Year! Some sweets that my sister made for the new year's celebration.

To start things off! Happy new year! I will be posting a separate entry for some fireworks display photographs that I have taken, and I was supposed to post an entry on the settings I used most often when shooting these light shows, but was unpredictably busy preparing for the New Year's celebration.

Anyways, I decided to try and post at least 1 entry per weekend this year to keep my blog site alive. I do hope more and more followers will join in the fun. LOL

So class resumed for us last January 3, hardly enough time to get sobered up; take note I do not drink alcoholic beverages, but the the vacation gave the same effect of being drunk... not that I know of, and I had hardly enough time to get of the vacation hangover into the real world. And the fact that I had 2 reports and an exam on the very first day of resumed classes ain't something to sneeze about.

The next day, January 4, was a little more lax. I don't really recite a lot in class, because I no longer love the lime light as I once did in my Pre-Med course years ago, but my playful classmates forced me to recite; which would come to no real problem for me if I knew what the question was supposed to be... Yes, before our professor even blurted out his question, he was asking a volunteer to answer, which was unfortunately me. Not knowing what question it would be, I was ready to turn the question down in that instant, thankfully, he asked me to recite the visual pathway which I knew quite well. Not too shabby a start for the new year in my opinion.

Still on that same day, the very next class, Medical Jurisprudence, was another elating experience for me, with a textbook at hand, I was answering, however not formally recite, my professors random questions.

The afternoon was so and so, and I was getting hellishly sleepy due in part by the fact I am still hungover by the vacation and what not, so I laid low the entire afternoon, except for one hiccup from my Internal Medicine professor's laptop, that even if the problem was negligible to what I normally consider a computer problem and that anybody in my opinion may fix it, I was still called to step and fix this... "problem".

Thus we entered Saturday, which is today. I spent most of the day typing a homework for my dad's friend's daughter... that almost confused me there. Anyway, to my dismay, I had to sacrifice my so-called study ahead day for someone else but being a good Samaritan ain't a bad thing. After typing what seemed to be a never ending jargon of words, I decided to just slack off the entire afternoon.

This evening, however, after publishing this, I shall try and study Pediatrics since their exams in that department is like a huge gamble; you have notes from class which is insufficient, you have your official text book which is nearly the size of my CPU case (I have the Bitfenix Shinobi and the book I speak off is Nelson's Textbook in Pediatrics) and you have no idea if what you read will come out of the exam (our exam can be as little as 8 questions to as much as 24 questions depending on the hours spent on the topic in class).

Ah well, I'm nearly a clerk, so there shouldn't be any complaints now! Just fight! And Pray!

Wish me luck and I do appreciate prayers...