Monday, 12 August 2013

This is What I do...

Didn't really have anything to do today, and dear lord, I will not do those "selfies"; what I will do is a self portrait, which there is a fine line between those two.

Anyways, I just wanted to play around with low light and off shoe flash and give a glimpse on my usual setup when I work in Lightroom.


Now certainly, this is not one my best shots I ever took of anyone, albeit, myself, but like I said, I got nothing else better to do, and I just wanted to play around.

More shots next time, but will be back to my usual quality that I am known for... if any. LOL


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Rain Check

I was going to lecture today in a hospital in Arayat, Pampanga, as part of my requirement in the community rotation I am currently in. However, last night, the rain began subtly, and other cities and provinces has announced no classes for elementary and high school. Of course, college was not suspended just yet because the rain wasn't too hard for the government officials to think otherwise. And even if they are suspended, we are already post-graduates in School of Medicine, so we would still be left out of the "no-class-festivities" if ever the college classes were suspended.

The lovely thing is, even if me and my groupmates are post-graduates, currently 4th year, thus Junior Medical Interns in the School of Medicine, we are not in any hospital rotation right now to require us to be present, rain or shine. We are in community rotation, so our head of the department in Preventive, Family, and Community Medicine, sent us a message saying we will not meet today. I received the message around 5am, thus, I slept and extra 6 hours. Hey, I have to enjoy this free time because my major hospital rotations are fast approaching again and I won't taste good sleep in my last 6 months of junior internship.

I didn't take any photos yet of the nice bed-weather, but this photo I will share was from my Psychiatry Rotation a month ago. I was already done with my 36 hour duty and hence I was going from Veterans' Memorial Medical Center in Manila. I don't live in Manila, nor do I drive a car, so I take the bus home to and from Angeles, Pampanga. It was also raining most of the time of my two week rotation there, and I took this as I was going home:

Rain or Shine
On the way home...

So yeah, this bed-weather is, what else? Enticing me to go back to bed. Which I think I will after I take my lunch. So that's it for now.


Lecture, lecture, LECTURE!

Reporting is an integral requirement in junior internship, so I am not surprised having a report, or two, every week to our residents or consultants. But to be tasked to lecture to nurses, nursing students, and other students in similar medical fields, comes to me as surprise.

Being a medical student, albeit, A STUDENT, makes this quite the endeavor indeed. I am both excited and dreaded at the thought that I will lecture these people from the different medical fields when, I myself, am a student and also learning as much as they are.

My topic, thankfully, is a somewhat easy topic, that being Measles. I have made my PowerPoint presentation weeks ago, but now at the every eve of my lecture, I am forgetting what I have read. Typical.

But hey, I have been on a roll lately with my previous reports garnering great praises from my residents and consultants, so hopefully I will continue this run up until I graduate.

Here are further requirements needed for my lecture: A tarpaulin and flyers. I made them simplified mini lectures as compared to my more in-depth PowerPoint, because I have a feeling that where ever and for how long the hospital decides to have these, most likely it will also be read by patients themselves, thus, those will a much lower knowledge of medicine in general.

Here are the gist of my lecture by way of a simplified tarpaulin and flyer designs:

AUFMC PFCM Measles Flyers Page 1
First page of my flyer
AUFMC PFCM Measles Flyers Page 2
Second page of my flyer
AUFMC PFCM Measles Tarp
The Tarpaulin

So yeah, my PowerPoint will be more in-depth, and less... non-medical friendly, in the sense that one should have a background in any of the medical fields to have an idea what I am saying. Thankfully, I am lecturing within the hospital.

So yes, wish me LUCK! And PRAYERS are appreciated!


Friday, 26 July 2013

To my birthday girl.. My mother!

Today happens to be my mother's birthday, and it also turns out that I need not go to Arayat for community service. Perfect.

Being the youngest, I would obviously get the favor of my parents, and being the only son, I would get the favor of my mother. So it is clear that me and mother share a strong bond. I am after all, a self declared mother's boy and I am proud to let the whole world know about that.

I went out with my mom, which by the way, is like the best date in the world! I mean, she would constantly pay for the meals, and such. Even if it is her birthday, parents, and in my case, my mother can still spoil me even if I insist that I would pay for the meals even just for today, but to no avail! Why resist? LOL

I just want to post a blog about my simple day in the local mall and local restaurants with my special girl in the world in her special day. It is a supreme blessing that I have no duty today and was able to hang out with my mother whom I haven't hung out with in ages thanks to my clerkship. But God always knows how to give us what we want when we least expect it.

Of course, my mother's birthday isn't over yet, me and my second eldest sister are going to treat her to dinner tonight, and even if she insists on paying again, we will really resist! I am just glad that I got to spend time with my mom like I used to when I was younger. We used to travel a lot together, but age and certain responsibilities have caught up with the both of us to do these as much as we used to.

Anyways, here's to my mom! Happy Birthday! Love yah!!

Date with my birthday girl!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Slice of Life: Community Rotation in Arayat, Pampanga

My groupmates with the "Barangay Health Workers" that also act as our guides; not pictured... ME.

Funny how things start so scary since we don't know what we are getting ourselves into, such is the case with me and this community rotation; as with many students, even if the task is daunting, scary, or plain boring, one will still strive to rise against such a challenge in order to get the grade, pass the subject and course, and then, eventually graduate. But such is the case also, that at times, you are blind sided by the fact that what you perceive as daunting, scary, or plain boring, can become the most fun you had in years.

The past few rotations we had so far, were challenging in their own right, and had their own sense of fun (I will be posting about our previous rotation some time later... really later), but we had an idea on what is to be expected of us from our residents, etc., with this community rotation, we really had no idea at first, but once we were acclimatized, as always with me and my groupmates, we get the job done in such a quick, orderly, and most importantly, efficient manner, and that's why I love my group.

Being a city boy, well, being a geeky-stay-in-your-room-Filipino-American-city-boy, I was at first, at a loss; not in the sense that I couldn't get the job done, but in the sense that it is as if I wouldn't survive there in Arayat, for a day, but that quickly watered down when the Barangay Health Workers were the nicest bunch of ladies I have ever met, and the people in that live there are just as friendly and extremely humble.

I keep on rambling on about this job we had to do in Arayat; so what is this job anyway? We had to go around around their neighborhood, doing a survey, based on their current living situation in order for the local health organization to list possible ways to improve their living situation. 

Melody interviewing the locals

Ditto with my groupmate, Paul.

The whole experience is humbling, and in a way, worth while; I for one, who has spent most his life in the sense of familiarity, finds this new area, these people, a refreshing experience as it pits me out of my comfort zone. I am not well adept in the local dialects, but I was still able to communicate even with my half-ass attempt to speak Tagalog (one of the many dialects). Also, its not as if, English is a total mystery to these people, as for me wanting to practice medicine here in Philippines, I still spoke in Tagalog even amidst them insisting that I speak in English.

Alas, here I am interviewing...
Apart from interviewing, I had another assignment given to me by our consultant in charge, Dr. Rene Santos, and my groupmates, that is, obviously, to take photos for the documentation of this project and it will serve, for me and my groupmates, of our rotation here in the community. I was the obvious choice, since ever since I was first year, when we used to have medical missions with Dr. Rene Santos, I was already the photographer for such events, and everytime there is a class activity or college activity, I am always in the front line of photographers, thus, my classmates', and in this case, my groupmates' go-to-guy for documentation.

Of course, I wouldn't say no to such a task for a number of reasons, one I wouldn't have to pick my brain out for Tagalog words, and two, I get to be reacquainted with my beloved DSLR named Nikki (because she is a Nikon). But I'd soon find out, that I should have declined and rather interview than take photos...

I didn't start shooting on day 1 of our community service, the first 3 days, I was also interviewing the locals, it wasn't until the 4th day where I took photos, but ironically, out of all the days we have been there, the 4th day happened to be the hottest day as the sun finally peaked through the other wise cloudy day. And to top it all off, I had forgotten that me and my groupmates usually split up with our respective guides in different areas of the neighborhood in order to cover more ground and finish the job a lot faster. So I had to walk arounf in this heat looking for my groupmates in different areas of the neighborhood. Of course, not being around there, I had asked my guide if she would help me find my groupmates so I can document, however, like any parent eventually sending off their children on their own, she let me go, with her blessings, to find them on my own. This wouldn't bother much if I was actually really familiar with the neighborhood, but being a complete tourist, lugging around my camera and such, on my own, wandering the streets, looking aimlessly for my friends, one could imagine my fears of being mugged or kidnapped. Thankfully no one did so. But that was an exciting moment, however, I wouldn't want to experience that again. At least just that part.

Now, it wouldn't be any much of a shooting trip if I don't have any creative shots that I usually call "the money shots" when I am tasked to shoot in an event. I had a couple or so shots that I really enjoyed taking and post processing and below are but a few of them:

"The Other Side"; I added the monotone to make it more gloomy since it was too sunny for its own good. Visit my Flickr photostream, link on the bottom of this blog post, for higher resolution

"It was a blur"; had no tripod in taking this shot, but it turned out alright. Visit my Flickr photostream, link below this blog post, for higher resolution

My groupmate, Vyel. Visit my Flickr photostream, link on the bottom of this blog post, for higher resolution

I felt like playing around with prime's bokeh. Visit my Flickr photostream, link on the bottom of this blog post, for higher resolution

In here, people are more than willing to be your model. LOL Visit my Flickr photostream, link on the bottom of this blog post, for higher resolution

I saw this toy in such a strange location. Being vigilant, I took the shot of this imprisoned  toy. Visit my Flickr photostream, link on the bottom of this blog post, for higher resolution
Our community rotation is far from over, but I couldn't wait to blog about this experience of our's; we still have to tally our surveys, make reports and present, etc., but the was things are going thus far, I feel that everything will turned out anything but daunting, scary, or plain boring.

I guess, that's it!


My Flickr Photostream:

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I always like the rain; no one can see me crying
Click on the photo to be redirected to my photostream in Flickr!

Second night in a row that I decided to shoot macro with a reversed lens. I reverted back to shooting wide open and suffer the loss of depth of field, but at least, some parts of the shot are more in focus than my previous feeble attempt to shoot with a much smaller aperture in hopes to getting a better depth of field.

Anyways, I will have more time by next week to shoot macros as I am very close in deciding whether to get that focus rail or not. With that I have several options: first, I can buy the 160mm focus rail alone, as this may be enough for my macro needs; second, get the 260mm, the only reason why I am considering this length is that they price between the 2 lengths are not that astronomical; lastly, get 2 160mm rails, have one move forward and back, and the other moving left and right.

As always, I will ponder about this a lot more before deciding what set up to buy.

That's is all.

Keep shooting and never look back!


Monday, 22 July 2013

Spheres of Light and Waves

Spheres of Light and Waves
Click to go to my Flickr Photostream!

Very much out of focus, but what else can I do when I have been away from the realm of photography for quite some time. More of eons and eons ago. And I am using a reversed lens, thus losing autofocus. Also, being away so long, it have been even longer since I last tried shooting macro using a reversed lens, so I have already forgotten my techniques in focusing albeit using a reversed lens.


Anyways. That is all.


Enter the Ducky!

Enter the Ducky
Enter the Ducky!

Proudly typing on a Ducky DK9008 Shine II Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard with blue LEDs to match my theme on my PC.

I will write my personal review on this keyboard some time later; it may be a too late as the Shine III are coming out this September, but meh, whatever, I will still do it. LOL

That is all.


And I missed you so...

Bam! It has been like how many months ago since I visited this site let alone post anything!

I will, as I always have said before, do my best to update this blog of mine.

Just some quick updates on my life in general; I am currently in my 4th year in medicine which means I am a junior medical clerk, or in the olden days of yore, a medical clerk, and currently in my 4th month of what is to be a year of clerkship. I am also currently in vacation mode or so as I am in community rotation.

As for my guitars... they are collecting dust sad to say.

For my PC, I have upgraded a crap load of peripherals, software, and internal hardware. I am glad to say that I finally made a small home server to accommodate for my backups. The most recent purchase was a Ducky DK9008 Shine II Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard with blue LEDs... so recent in fact, that I just purchased it 6 hours from the time of this post (it is the factors why I wanted to blog tonight because it is such a joy to type on this keyboard!).

And as for my photography, I have been updating my Flickr every now and then, but no major events or creative shots have been taken as of late. I did, however, attempt to shoot some water droplets on a CD ala macro, but I am starting to think I should invest on a focusing rail to aid in my macro shots as I shoot with a reverse lens, on top of that, I can finally do focus stacking to make even more incredible high magnified macro shots in focus. Thankfully, I have 2 events in the coming weeks that I was asked to shoot. And since I am in community rotation in Arayat, I may be able to get good street photos, landscapes, and the like.

That is all for now... I will post as much as I can because I do miss writing blogs.


Saturday, 30 March 2013

Clerkship Cometh!

I will begin my clerkship in AUFMC tomorrow and in the Department of Pediatrics (so ironic, I hated that subject), furthermore, I'll be stationed at the nursery.

All the fears, doubts, anxiety is at their very max right now. But it's like what my sister said who went through all this before "it's just 1 year of sacrifice, and you will enjoy all the rewards for the rest of your life".

Just gotta toughen it out for one year, because "the most beautiful things in life are always the most difficult".

When Passions Collide
"When Passions Collide"
More in my Flickr Photostream (Click the Photo)

And lastly, with God by my side, what am I to fear? =]


Friday, 29 March 2013

"What have I gotten myself into?": The Realization of the Medical Clerk

I would like to begin this post by saying, yes, I have skipped out on updating my "2013 Weekly" posts as it has been such a trying time this past month, what with the examinations we had, all the reports we have to pass, and all the research papers we have to finish. So, it is understandable that I would rather divert all my attention, and what little strength I have left in the tank for those requirements in order for me to reach my short term goal, that is, being a medical clerk this April 1, 2013, and that will in turn lead me to my next goal, becoming a graduate and intern, and finally my ultimate goal, being a full fledged licensed physician (hopefully in the Department of Surgery). But later on, before clerkship, I will resume my weekly posts, starting with a long entry that will compensate for the past weeks.

Anyways, after all has been said and done, all the head-scratching examinations been dealt with, all reports been passed and laughed at, etc, the Promotion Boards was held last March 12, 2013, to discuss who among 52 3rd year medical students are worthy to become 4th year medical clerks. It was nerve wrecking (so much so as our previous OSCE... more on that next time) to say the very least, and when they finally decided who were to be promoted, as with previous years, no words were said by the doctors within the Promotion Boards were uttered to us... only a piece of bond paper... with the names who are deemed worthy. And it looked like this:

YES!! I made it!! (encircled... duh)

Thank God I was able to make it... I was worried as it was a difficult year. I may not say that it was more difficult than the 2nd year, but 3rd year subjects gave us little to no time to do anything that they require us to do. Plus, there is OB-GYNE that nearly completely make me fear the race of women. Well, the difficulty of OB-GYNE stemmed from the fact that we never had any prior experience with the subject; unlike surgery, we had anatomy to help us out; pharmacology had biochemistry as its foundation; pathology had its roots from physiology; and the like. But none for OB-GYNE.

The day after the announcement, my mom coerced me to make my new uniform for clerkship and the immediate weekend, we bought my shoes, my watch, and other necessities. Call me excited? I am. But not as much as my mom or my sis (who is already a doctor). They wanted to get my gear immediately to prepare for clerkship. Guess they are proud or know well enough how bad it is to rush things.

With all the happiness also came sadness; as mentioned above, we were 52 students. The first Promotion Boards only allowed 37 students go to clerkship, leaving out the remaining 15 to take further examinations, termed removal examinations. Think of these exams as a lifeline of sorts.

Some of us that already were promoted decided to lend a hand in their review as we really have no intentions on leaving a man or woman behind. We want to graduate together. We have much too close to eachother to simply turn a whim and celebrate on our own achievement. We can't.

The second promotions happened last March 18, 2013, and 11 of the 15 students taking removals were granted the chance to become clerks. Now we have 4 casualties so to speak. But they may still be allowed to become clerks... on March 22, 2013, we will finally find for sure, the final number of students who wiull become medical clerks.

For the rest that were already granted clerk status, we had a tour (not like we need it anymore) to the hospitals we will be working in: AUFMC and JBLMRH. This will be our home away from home for the next year.

After our tour around AUFMC, Dr. Michael Dizon, who is in charge of the interns and clerks and my sister's classmate during medical school, said it is a good idea to have a photo together. And so we clerks did:

There I am, second from the left, bottom-most row...

Everyone is all smiles, and I am no different. But as the orientations and the tours of the hospitals continued on, I can't help but say this to my Dean and Secretary Dean, "What have I gotten myself into?".

This is the moment that I have been waiting for since I first burst through the doors of our lecture room at first year medical school. Now that its here, I am scared. I fear that I don't know anything from my past 3 years of studies. I fear that this language barrier will cause my life to be a living hell. I fear that this short stature and weak physique will not only be the subject of every bad joke within the hospital, but also not suited for what tasks will be bestowed on me.

In spite of all the reassurance from my sister and Dr. Dizon that my language barrier, for which I deemed as my greatest hindrance for now, will definitely cause some ripples in the water for awhile, I will have a hard time eliciting the proper history or physical examination, however, they told to look to their classmates, Dr. Bill and Dr. Ben, who also had a difficult time speaking the native language here but survived. And there is also my sister, who just learned the language during clerkship. So, I have a chance to survive clerkship in terms of my language barrier.

As frail as this body could ever get, I will persevere with my fighting spirit. I will push my own limits if I have to. This means so much to me that I will not let my body bog me down. Vitamins, balanced diet... that's what I'll need. Exercise? I will be walking everywhere, occasionally running, so I will have my exercise that way.

Emotional rollercoasters and spiritual challenges await me as well. I will be shouted at some time during clerkship, I may talk back at my groupmates, I may even question my faith at times. These may make or break a student... I hope to be steadfast enough for me to be able to take in the verbal blows they'd throw at me.

But still, as scary as it all seems, it is something that one must go through to be a doctor, and instead of fearing it, I should just look at it as a fun short time before being a real doctor.

I will strive in to make it worthwhile, staying with my classmates as we will inevitably choose different institutions to work in the future, learn a lot from this short time, make new friends/allies... all the good things.

So, for my silly question "What have I gotten myself into?"; well, I got myself into one of the most noble, most worthwhile career paths on Earth. It won't be easy... But as Dr. Santos once told me "The most beautiful things are always the most difficult".

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Can't think of a title

So I have been hella busy lately to update my "2013 Weekly" blog series, I will make a triple or quadruple post for a certain week to highlight what has happened in the previous weeks... I just have to finish my final exams this week.

Anyways, I just want to share this awesome version of my favorite song from Gin Blossoms.

Oh how I miss the 90s...

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

This is Why I am Single!

I am so psyched! Ten months into the making of my brand new, pseudo-uber, Intel based system build, I finally get the remaining components... minus the second 23" IPS monitor, which I hope to purchase be the end of summer.

Now that I have the components that I have waited for the longest time for, reasons being lack of money, unavailability of the components, insecurity of the components chosen and thereof, I may now return to saving up my monies for photography related gadgets.

With this build, I am much more older than I was before when I built my previous systems, meaning that I really know how to keep this new build from dying prematurely; that is not to say my previous builds died the following day after building, nay, my previous builds each had a life span between 3-4 years before dying from a preventable cause (for which I will not state here... because its so avoidable you'd call me stupid).

I have pulled out all the stops on this new build, and will see this lasting well over it's predecessors - and when it is high time to upgrade my whole system again, certain parts will remain such as the case, my eventual dual 23" IPS monitors, extension cables, HDD's, SSD, the cooling solutions, and my peripherals like mouse and keyboard. Lessens my future expenses on the upgrade, I can buy the beast (yes not best, but BEAST) of a CPU (I currently run an i7 3770, which is a beast on its own, and I don't to overclock, so I chose the locked version of the CPU... aka, the non-K), quad channel my RAM (I still run on dual channel), and of course, spend on the latest beast of a video card (I have never owned an AMD, formerly ATI, videocards, I have always run Nvidia since that is what I was used to plus Adobe Creative Suite seemed to love CUDA; who knows maybe in the future, I will try out AMD cards).

Gotta love receiving packages; As I opened the box I was greeted to my previous smoked black window side panel (behind) and my new clear side panel, of which I haven't removed the covering just yet.
First off, I received a package last Saturday containing my custom made clear side panel to replace my smoked windowed side panel. As you can see, I haven't removed the protective covering yet, I plan to do all that this coming weekend as I upgrade the parts to my PC. I will also re-imagine how I would want the LED lights to light up my system now that I have a clear side panel.

The most awesome component that I finally have is the Gainward GTX 660Ti that I ordered in the shop I usually buy my parts, PC Hub. It is a beast of a box, and a beast of a card! Effectively using 2 slots on my expansion slots but is really taking up to 3 slots inside the case, I will have to sacrifice one legacy PCI and one PCI 1x slot to have this bad boy in my system... which is okay, since I don't plan on using the legacy nor the PCI 1x. And if I do, there are one of each extra in my board. Surely can't wait to try this out on my Adobe products and use the CUDA cores plus the Intel Quick Sync to render videos faster and of course! GAMES! I can't wait to return to Tamriel and play Oblivion again. Yes, I like Oblivion better than Skyrim. But that is coming from me who hasn't played Skyrim as much yet. But Oblivion was effectively my first Elder Scrolls game I played, so there is so much sentimental value to it, and I love the green environment as opposed to the Nordic icy feeling of Skyrim.

Completed my NZXT extension cables; this will look great with my already owned 24-pin and 8-pin NZXT extension cables. These are all sleeved.

NZXT didn't have SATA 3 data cables that were sleeved, so I got my buddy at WestSide Case Mods to make this.

I then completed my sleeved cables and sleeved extension cables from NZXT; I previously had just the 24-pin and 8-pin motherboard extension cables. Now I have two 6+2 PCI-e extension cables, three SATA power cable extension cables, both are sleeved by NZXT, and three custom made SATA 3 data cables. I don't like how the Corsair GS700, my current PSU, had it's cables sleeved, so I got these sleeved cables and extension cables to have a cleaner look and hide the aesthetically unpleasing PSU cables tucked away, creatively, in the back of the motherboard tray. Good thing the Bitfenix Shinobi has a respectable cable management option, it may not be the best, but it is indeed respectable... especially, like I said, if you ahave creativity in tucking your cables away.

My Bitfenix Superspeed USB 3.0 Card Reader and the 5.25" to floppy bay adapter that came with my Bitfenix Shinobi case.

Plextor M5 Pro 128gb SSD! Finally in the SSD bandwagon!
And was previously mentioned in other posts, I also got my card reader from Bitfenix and a 128gb Plextor M5 Pro SSD. With these components, I wish to see an increase in overall performance and a decrease in the time I spend on post-processing and rendering.

Now, I shall save most of my money on that lens I have been craving for two years now. Of course, I still want to get the second 23" IPS monitor, but it isn't as much of my priority now.


I'll just throw in my previous purchases; you can see some of my components I bought in the 10 months leading up to my recent purchases.

Will put all these together in the weekend!

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

2013 Week 6: Headache Headache Headache

This week was riddled with my chronic migraine bugging me most of the time. Must be the heat, must be other factors; it just happens every afternoon in class, and even if I take my medications to thwart this migraine, it was all in vain, as it persisted in spite of it all.


Its a three day weekend for me! More or less... because I have to be in school on Monday for a research. But it still is considered a three day weekend for me. What I plan to do first is to fix my laptop by backing up all its files and switching to Windows 8; it will be my genie pig for my desktop before I make the big leap to Windows 8 and subsequently into this, mysterious, Windows Blue, that is said to be a free upgrade from Windows 8, that is, of course, your copy of Windows 8 is legit.

I also plan to finally do that series of self portraits that I have put off for weeks.

I also happen to have received my clear side panel window that I had cut so now my inner workings of my PC system can now be seen. I will post pics in time... I also received some good news that my orders, Gainward GTX660Ti and my PSU extension cables are now available in the shop where I purchase most of items. It's time to play Morrowind (Overhaul) and Oblivion again (up to this day, I haven't completed either game) and I will finally try out this Skyrim that has been collecting dust since I can remember.

I can then begin my long awaited "debut" in videography or even just a  simple venture to audio visual presentations. I got my copies of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6. I am quite psyched I got a videocard that can handle own its own (especially when OC'd) in games and that has enough silicon power in the form of CUDA cores to aid me in my media edits.

Now, I will have to venture on my own to San Fernando, which is ways to go from where I am living, just to get those items. Time to shelf out some cash to get it and be poor this coming Valentine's which doesn't really make a difference anyway; I got no one to spend it with T_T

Anyways, I shall try and finish my reports for this coming Tuesday so I may pick up my items on Monday afternoon.


Saturday, 9 February 2013

I Switched to Windows 8

Actually I am still testing Windows 8 on my guinea pig of a laptop.

I will be chronicling my time with Windows 8 for the next 30 days. No, I will not post every day til the 30 days are up for my personal evaluation period of this OS. I will be posting like I always do... weekly (BTW, my weekly 2013 posts will be updated soon... I am busy with med school stuff and computer stuff as of the moment. I can't even do my self portrait project T_T).

So far, I had a slight hiccup when installing since I was trying to install the ISO from the site using my flashdrive, but after an hour more of tweaking, I got it to work.

When Windows 8 first started, some personalizing, etc, here and there, had to be done. After that, I was taken to the interface formerly known as "Metro" (a tribute to Logan from TekSyndicate ), the Start Screen, and it was lovely, but I was soooo confused!

I can't navigate to where I'd want to check my system, etc. I had to go to desktop view and navigate my way around. Still was confusing as hell.

I then went on to to download my necessities, like Chrome, and I also got the start orb for Windows 8. Now, I can easily navigate Windows 8 from the desktop. I'd still have to get used to the Start Screen though.

As for now, I will be heading to bed and continue my evaluation run in the morning. I like how fast it is in boot. But only time will tell if that is the only strong point of this OS for me...

Saturday, 2 February 2013

2013 Week 5: Hello February... Hello new PC components!

First off! It's February! Do you have date? Because I don't! The 14th will be singles awareness day, forever alone, or whatever day you'd want to call it. It sucks. I know.

Big eyed geek with his SSD

But anyways, such a productive week I had in terms of getting closer to completing my dream system build; I posted earlier that I just bought my Plextor M5 Pro 128gb SSD - I'm still learning how to properly set SSD's up so I could fully utilize it's speed and provide for it longevity. I was supposed to order me a Gainward GTX 660ti but I guess the staff in PCHub got confused and said I can't place my order for those because their supplier doesn't seem to have it even if hey advertised they did. I talked this over to the main branch and they said they do have it in their main warehouse and that even if they hadn't, their supplier would. So, to put it short, I ratted out on the branch near my place to the big bosses and they said they cleared this up, so the next time I go there, they will process my order. BOOYAH! I will also complete my sleeved PSU cables when I order my video card.

The Bitfenix Superspeed USB 3.0 Card Reader and the 3x SATA 3 sleeved cables on top of the box
Just this morning, I got my Bitfenix Superspeed Card Reader and 3 SATA 3 sleeved cables in the mail. So it really is coming into fruition, the completion of my mega system. Of course I would still want a second 23" IPS monitor, but that will be in summer now. I decided to buy me this card reader since I don't have a card reader installed on my desktop, I had to run my SD cards and whatnot on my laptop which is in my home network and I simply transfer it to my desktop. Daunting. So now that wouldn't be a problem. I got the sleeved cables because I trying to go for the clean look inside my chassis. Oh yeah, by tomorrow, I will be sending in my window panel to the custom shop in order for them to make a clear side panel as opposed to my original smoked black window.

Next weekend is a 3 day weekend, thus perfect time to upgrade some components. This way, on Friday night it is planning and studying the SSD, Saturday is build and installing day, Sunday is benchmarking and stress testing, and finally Monday is gaming day. Perfect.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Finally! I got me an SSD!

Taken using my sister's point and shoot. Yeah, ignore my large eyes. Just too happy!

Quick update on my life, I got another component for my PC, and its the Plextor M5 Pro SSD!

I have been wanting an SSD so bad and so long, but I finally got enough money to make the purchase.

I have read, and heard, good things about this very SSD and its maker, Plextor, but was still hesitant, I wanted either the Intel or Crucial SSD's. But since they weren't available, couple what I heard and read with the 5 year warranty, then I was literally sold.

I just hope it holds up to what I have heard and read.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

I Put You Under Rainy Day

The Cure - 2 Late

so i'll wait for you
where i always wait
behind the signs that sell the news
i'll watch for you like yesterday
and hope for you
one day that once
spent out on me
and up 'til late
i search for you
your hat pushed straight
away from me
your measured step
heads up you win
always too late

oh if i could just once catch your eye
invisible against the words
that hold you down in solitude
and never let you go
the way that every time
my eyes just close
like lids of wooden men in file
i put you under rainy day
your hat's all off
and i'm gone away...

so i'll wait for you
where i always wait
behind the signs that sell the news
and i'll watch for you like yesterday
and hope for you
one day that once
spent out on me
and up 'til late
i search for you
your hat pushed straight
away from me
your measured step
heads up you win
always too late

It comes to no surprise that I am Cure fan; I have countless times regarded them as my main influence in learning how to play the guitar, and subsequently, other instruments, just like them. Here is another reason why Robert Smith and company are deemed my all time favorite artists of all time (Yes, hate me if you will, but The Beatles for me rank 2nd in my all time list. Different strokes for different folks).

I will reiterate, I am a Cure fan... not the biggest, because physically I am not tall, and technically, by the true definition of "biggest fan", I don't have all their merchandise, but I boast a lot of their CD's that I am proud about. I tweeted recently that I started collecting their older albums once again and just a few days ago, I got me their Join the Dots: B-Sides and Rarities album. I wanted to hear their B-Sides to such songs I have already been accustomed to and listen to those unreleased songs that I have never literally heard of. I have yet to fully explore the album, but I immediately fell in love with a song entitled "2 Late".

I first heard of this song in their deluxe edition of their Disintegration (It was the B-Side to Lovesong) album, but it was only an instrumental band demo; it has a catchy tune, albeit without lyrics, but when I finally heard it in all it's glory in their Join the Dots album, and I was hooked.

In essence, it may not be as lyrically prolific and Davinci Code-esque as Robert's other songs, but this song still has it's own need to decode some of it's meaning, even if it's nearly obvious as to what the song really means.

Something about tragic love songs that ends in a horrific manner, or such the case, never even began (yes, I speak of unrequited love that I am far too familiar with now), that really takes a hold of me.

It starts out so stalker-like with "I'll wait for you where I always wait. Behind the signs that sell the news", but it goes on to tell a story of a girl this guy doesn't really know, more of a stranger falling in love at first sight. But like most of us men, we cower at the thought of talking to the girl we like. He would always see her in that same spot over and over, hoping to just get her brief attention  but she would always "push her hat straight away from me (him)", but the song goes on to show that he waited far too long and "put you (her) under rainy day" to signify he gave up, only to have her "hat's all off and I'm (him) gone away...", no longer waiting at the usual spot.

It is such a simple, tragic, little unrequited love story, backed up by a catchy tune with a subtle bass, floating keyboards, echoing drums, and surreal guitar riffs that just takes me away, reminding me of the many girls I liked in the past then went unrequited.

It's painfully beautiful.

I urge you to listen to the tune (video provided above), and try and get a copy of their Join the Dots album to listen to treasures that we aren't to familiar with since they are mostly B-sides to the songs that we have already known.


And this may be far off topic, but being a hobbyist photographer, keep shooting! Never look back!


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Typography Fun
D' Group: Me and my medschool buddies little group

Since I just finished my midterm exams yesterday, I had nothing to do today and decided to play around with Adobe Photoshop so I don't get too rusty as it it.

This is for my buddies at school!

Friday, 25 January 2013

2013 Week 4: End of Exams!


My midterm examinations bit the dust! But why does it seem I was the one that bit the dust? LOL

The exams was like and ECG tracing - ups and downs. There were some exams that were a breeze, and there were A LOT of exams that felt as though those questions were reserved for the consultants in that particular department of medicine. But that's the life of a medical student; this week, as every other examination week, felt like the longest 7 days of my life. I probably lost even more weight than I should! My hair as grown and started to have a mind of its own, as well as my mustache and goatee. Well, the weekend is here to fix that right up; going to get a decent haircut tomorrow and I will shave my facial hair tonight to look slightly more human again. Wish me luck!

With my hellish exams over, I can look forward to this weekend to play with my new toys I got 2 weeks ago; my Macro LED Flash ring and a filter ring mount for reversed lenses during macro photography. I will be trying some macro shots again and try out a series of self portraits (my social accounts photos need to be updated LOL) with the macro LED ring in order to get those ring catchlights on my eyes. I would also want to try and replicate a specific self portrait that I stumbled upon recently; very interesting concept that really got my attention, and I reserve describing it until I post my shots. And oh yeah, I purchased a program where I can tether my Nikon D5000 (you can tether other camera models) and have live view on my desktop or laptop; very helpful for me since when I shoot at my room, I don't always have an assistant for those delicate self portraits.

I am also going to shop around for my much delayed videocard, SSD, optical drive, some specialy made sleeved PSU cables, and order a custom clear window for my Bitfenix Shinobi case; this will make my system build complete for the most part... I still would want a second 23" IPS monitor since I am currently running one paired with my old 17" TN monitor. As I do a lot of media editing, I like having dual monitors to have a bigger real estate in terms of desktop space. Having a 23" on 1920 x 1080 with a 17" 1280 x 1024 can be bothersome for someone as anal as me. I would want my monitors to run at a similar native resolution. But I guess I'll get my second monitor this summer.

My ultimate goal this year, or ultimate purchase this year, is still that Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 lens. But I will save that for Christmas... I've been putting that purchase off for 2 years now LOL

Jeez, I will make the best of these 2 days just to have fun and just regain my lost energy during the exam week.

Meh, I will hit the sack for now.



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Saturday, 19 January 2013

2013 Week 3: I got sick.. And I'm still sick. We got exams next week; I think I'm gonna be even more sick.

So, I'll keep this short and sweet... because that how I am. I am short and sweet.

Okay, last Monday night, I got down with the colds, to my own surprise, it was a systemic viral infection that became fulminant by Tuesday night, and made me miss classes from Wednesday up until Friday. I did make it for preceptorship for Pediatrics last Thursday, but that's it. I missed 3 days of school. Makes me feel stupid.

Now this Monday is our midterm examinations... oh boy oh boy... Lord have mercy...

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I've Got Mail! Literally!

Way back when, I was quite interested in getting a macro ring flash so I can get those ring catch light effects on a subjects eyes in portrait photography, and of course, to use it for macro photography since I use a reverse lens and sometimes to use an external flash can be tricky, to say the least, in getting the required amount of light when everything is done manually on a reversed lens.

I have pushing back my order for a macro ring flash for the longest time since I was using a reversed lens and the filter thread can't be used by the macro ring flash as a mount. I had to find a filter mount for the Nikon F mount in order for my reversed lens to have a filter thread available for mounting a macro ring flash otherwise my purchase will be limited to portraits. And being a cheapass, I wouldn't want that.

It wasn't until last week when I seriously decided on searching for one, and ultimately ordering one, because in our research in Obstetrics and Gynecology required us to photograph the women subjects' genitalia internally (specifically, the cervix) after the inclusion of acetowhitening techniques to compare the results with pap smears; we wanted to have 3 consultants on the spot to just assess the results, but this was frowned upon by our advisers since we will not be able to find consultants willing enough to help us the whole day, in separate sessions, to assess our results. Thus, we were told to take photographs instead. And who did my class choose to take these photographs? Obviously me! To my dismay, I felt like my medical career is in jeopardy before it even began! LOL

Anyways, with that being said, I knew my off shoe flash will not be enough to illuminate the cervix, so I immediately remembered about a macro ring flash. As thus, I went on to find a good priced, good branded, good GN, macro flash. I found a great priced one, an alien branded one (I couldn't find any familiar brands here), and a high enough GN for what it is worth at 18.

Now, I can justify the purchase since I will be using this for our research (I forgot where I read it, but the ring flash was said to be originally made for dental photography? I could be wrong, but apart from macro, it certainly is used in the medical field, so I was literally sold), I can use this in portraits, and I can use this in macro photography.

But then, there was the problem looming over me... The fact that I do not own a dedicated macro lens, I simply use a macro reverse ring to reverse my lens to have the magnification needed for macro. The down side here is that everything is done manually; the focus, the amount of flash (if you aren't using an off camera shoe cord), and the aperture (since the aperture arm is no longer in contact with the camera body, you either have to place a card or something in order to control the aperture... and you do not know what f/stop it really is in, apart from the highest and lowest f/stops). And the most important limitation in conjunction with the macro ring flash is that, since it is reversed, I can't used the filter thread to mount my ring flash!

Oh the dilemma... but of course, since we needed it for the research, that didn't stop me from ordering the ring flash.

It wasn't until 10 minutes after I made my order yesterday, that I found a Kiwi Foto Filter Ring Mount which was a female to female mount, meaning one end accepts a Nikon F mount and the other end is a 52mm filter thread. BAM! I found what I was in dire need of! So I also ordered it.

Fast forward to a today, and I got my packages in the mail!

Nothing like getting packages in the mail!

So I hurried to open up my first package, specifically the Kiwi Foto Filter Ring Mount!

In my cutting board, with trusty cutter; I blurred out my address. Go Figure!

Relax people! I wasn't sent the wrong item! I have ordering a lot from this guy and he seems to have a style of doubling up the boxes so the actual item's box isn't damaged.

Here is the real item!

I must say, I love the box; simple. No sh*tting around here! No manual either. Well, if you are going to use a reversed lens for macro, you should probably know a thing or two about your camera by now that you need not read any manual to use certain accessories.

Time to see it with my kitlens (which I now primary use as a macro lens)!

I closer (darker) look at the item. I wasn't to keen in getting all the lighting set up in my room so this is how it looks like roughly. LOL

Here it is attached on the F mount of my kitlens.
A somewhat better angle; again I wasn't keen on setting all my lights up for these shots.

An even better angle of the filter ring mount on my kitlens!

Now time unbox the macro ring flash!

As I mentioned earlier, it was from an unknown brand to me, a Meike Macro Ring Flash, but it's the only good one I can find here in the Philippines, so it should suffice.

To the cutting board!!

A wild Meike Macro Ring Flash  MK-FC110 appears!

This is the first time I heard of this brand, so I hope I wont be let down.

Time to see actual item and its contents included:

Package inludes: 7 adapter rings to fit any lens' filter threads, a warranty card, a manual, the LED ring flash, and an orange colored temperature filter (without it on the temp is 5500k; with it on, the temp is 3200k)

A closer look at the colored temperature filter

Without the colored temperature filter

The control unit; this MK-FC110 improved upon the previous FC100 by having a slightly higher GN (previously 15, now it is 18) and the LED screen on the control unit.

The unit
Here is the Meike Macro Ring Flash MK-FC110 on my Nikon 18-55mm kitlens via the Kiwi Foto Filter Ring Mount. If you look behind the lens (Well, the front of the lens... since it is reversed and all) you could see my JJC macro reversing ring

Since it is still the school week, I couldn't test this to the fullest, probably the weekend after this, I will write my thoughts on these 2 items, mostly the macro ring flash since the filter ring mount simply does what it was meant to do immediately.

So far, I am happy with the macro flash, it is bright enough to get the job done. But I will write a separate entry on its features, etc., and my thoughts next time. For now, I just wanted to give a preview and share my happy feeling upon receiving new camera gear.

Oh yeah, all of these shots were with my Nikon D5000, no post processing since its just items...


Until next time!