Monday, 26 March 2012

When Music and Photography Collide

Meh, I can't think of a better title... it's a quarter until 1am here so you can imagine what is running through my head right now.

As we all know (I hope you know) the reason why I haven't been religiously updating my blogger site is that I have been (forced) to immerse myself in my studies as to gallantly and valiantly overcome the obstacles that come with the exams and ultimately the final exams. I think I have lost even more weight when I am already a thin scrawny little boy (I want to say man but I can hear the groans of many people out there).

But anyways, I am back, and here is my first real photo since coming back. As blogged in my new blog site (, I have been fixing my gears of war (uhm music) and adding a few things here and there. I usually take photos of these gears with my Iphone especially if I have no intention of being creative in my shots, but fortunately and unfortunately, my Iphone is uncooperative and was forced to use my DSLR.

Having done that, I had one shot in particular that I loved. Not my best, but it is still nice to see... for me at least. It is simply my old Zoom GFX-3 multieffects pedal, with some RCA cables on top of it. You can see the heavy bokeh devouring my Dad's tube amp, speaker cabs, and whatnot.

I had done two edits; one colored and solely post processed in LR3; another using both LR3 and Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2 to achieve a soft sepia black and white feel.

Here they are:

Sounds of Silence

The Colored Version

Sounds of Silence (Soft Sepia B&W)

Soft Sepia Black and White Version

For the black and white version, I was originally looking for the heavy darks and bright highlights look, but the sepia feel is interesting especially that at this angle, even the Zoom GFX-3 looks as though it came from the 60s or 70s. So I stayed with that feel...

That's it for now; check my Flickr... I have more there. Also my Facebook.


Sunday, 25 March 2012

My New Blogger Under Construction

After the final exams, and the oncoming summer vacation, I got enough time to update my blogger... This time around it will be as 3 separate sections: 1 purely for photography (this one... eventually lol), another for music and life in general, and 1 for my geekiness (computer gears).

I have made my blog for music just last night but no posts just yet; I have been cleaning my room since Wednesday and nearly done. I mention cleaning my room because I had to rewire most of my guitar amps and then some. So, most likely my first post would be my simple refrabicating my dad's old speaker cabinets and how I managed my rewiring...
And for this blog for photography, I will post some low light shots by tomorrow (I hope) and update my account and my flickr account.

Hope laziness won't get the best of me...


Saturday, 3 March 2012

Future of my Blogger Site

I will most likely divide (which I should have done prior to making posts) my blogger account into 3 sections: 1 catered to photography, another for my life in general and some music, and the last section would be for computer hardware and gaming (sure and some tips/hacks as well).

Reason for this, is that I recently returned to my old geeky ways in computers, so I thought of having a blog that I can give my thoughts on news and latest hardwares. Including my own gaming system (My first build in 5 years) which I plan on building on summer.

So, photos, games/hardware, life and music...

Watch out for the new blogger site!