Sunday, 30 December 2012

Getting Ready for 2013! Bright Ideas style!

So, yeah I shall be writing a blog after this entry on how to get those awesome photos for fireworks; I will give you the setting, what you would need, and post processing to make them even better! I learned this all from Greg Cazillo, Google him my friends! Of course that is saying if I have nothing to do later on so I can actually type an entry for fireworks photography.

Anyways, new year, meaning new logo and watermark. I was going to just change the year on my current logo/watermark, but it was getting too familiar for me. So here is the new logo/watermark, ehr, well watermark technically, the lightbulb splat logo is still the same.

This will be seen in all my projects, mostly photos. As you can see, the project name is no longer Rina and my nickname, it is now a new girl, Haru, and my nickname. LOL

Anyways, cheers to a great 2012 and welcome and even better 2013!

God Bless always!!