Monday, 19 November 2012

My How Have the Days Gone by so Quickly

This is my first post in like eons! Anyways, I have been increasingly busy with my studies, building my PC, and ultimately building my team for my media project.

Right now it is hard to find time to actually build a new YouTube channel wherein I will be giving Lightroom lessons and some Photoshop lessons, however the latter, I rather have someone better than me do that.

I am also now on Skype, for those interested in helping me and my friend Roy build a Podcast for photographers, my Skype name is rinax89.

Remember if you have Twitter, follow me @ChanUdarbe; Facebook, search Chan Udarbe.

Hope to have more buddies join us in building the future Bright Ideas YouTube channel and Podcast.

Oh yes! Visit my photostream here:

I have been updating recently...