Thursday, 24 May 2012

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
As the flowers fell off my second and last day of my trip to Grande Island Resort in Subic; is this a tad too saturated for your tatse?

It has been another period of absence in updating this site, but I am back... again... for now... again. I have been away because this month of May I have gone to Pangasinan and not too long ago I went to Subic for a vacation of sorts; I have also been on the market for my next desktop build to please my tech side that I have neglected  for quite some time; I have been reading up on new Sigma lenses, one of which, the 50-150mm f/2.8 OS, I am saving up to purchase later this year.

I got some amazing shots and stories to tell about my trip to Pangasinan; that's the area where my mom grew up and she introduced me to her old high school buddies (they had a reunion that time), she re-introduced me to my relatives whose names continue to evade my long term memory, and she was willing enough to show me around, especially at night near the market area, to take street photos. She is simply awesome. I will definitely be sharing my photos and stories here in due time.

My trip to Subic was just as entertaining, but was short lived; it was just a two day trip. I was with my sis and her colleagues from Angeles University Foundation Medical Center (AUFMC) Department of Internal Medicine. I had fun exploring Grande Island Resort and got to bond with my future professors in medicine and probably my future consultants and residents when I become a clerk or intern later in my life. Overall, it was an interesting experience, one where I avoided the water since I don't know how to swim, but it being just a short time, I wouldn't be making a separate, more in depth, blog about it. It stops here.

I have been keeping myself busy finding ways to reach out to my old computer geek buddies and finding great shops to buy components for a price that is considered a steal. Just last year, my custom built (yep, I bought all the components separately and built it at home; apart from photography and music, my other passion is anything computer related) quad core died; I overvolted the whole system because of my lapse in judgement that day when I was overclocking. It did serve it's purpose for four years prior to that unfortunate accident; I built it circa 2007. So I started using this laptop, which at that time, was a formidable gaming grade laptop. But as time went on, it just doesn't seem to cut it anymore; extremely slow, HDD caches like crazy causing my system to halt for at least 3 minutes, no such thing as hyperthreading, and the dual core just won't help me in my multitasking like it used to.

This prompted me to have a resurgence of my old computer geeky self and started reading and speaking in Greek (or that's what my family and friends say when I start talking about PC components). This also made me just save up enough cash to get me an i7 3770 (the locked version of the 3rd gen i7's; I will not get the unlocked version because I won't overclock to avoid my idiotic mistake similar to last year); I will also get higher mid to high end components as opposed to my purely midrange components on my older quad core build. I will still go for dual monitors but I am trying to budget my expenditures so it is either two 20" LED monitors or two 22" monitors. As for the GPU, I was going to buy a midrange Fermi card since I won't be gaming as much as I used to when I was younger, but the new, more expensive, Kepler cards can take advantage of the new PCIe 3.0 that my Z77 motherboard offers when one uses an Ivy Bridge processor. Then maybe some of you will say, "why not and AMD GPU?", I am an Nvidia fanboy... end of story.

I saw a video from Jared Polin A.K.A. "Fro" from, about the Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 OS which replace the non-OS version of the same focal length. This immediately got my attention as I am a crop sensor user and have no intentions, even when I become a doctor with a stable income, to ever switch a full frame camera. I do plan to buy the successor to the D7000 in the future since that is quite a high quality crop sensor camera (Nikon fanboy here). The 50-150mm focal length on a crop sensor body is equivalent in a way to the versatile 70-200mm focal length in a full frame body. It will work great, side by side, with my 30mm f/1.4 prime from Sigma (equivalent to a 50mm on a full frame), and will be my second lens on my projected "Trinity" of Sigma lenses. But with my crazy expenses on my projected PC build, I am planning to get this lens later this year. Plus, it isn't available yet in the Philippines as far as I know...

School is like 2-3 weeks away if I am not mistaken, so I am nearly going to be twice as busy. I will, however, do my best to keep my Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and this Blogger, accounts as active as possible; I will also be active in the forums as much as I can in and

So, that's all for now! Keep shooting! Never look back!!



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