Monday, 28 May 2012

As Summer Draws to a Close

Blue Summer
A shot taken during my short stay at Grande Island Resort at Subic

Classes are about to start yet again, thankfully I am now at my third year of medical school. But it comes at a price; halfway done with medical school proper, but from here on out, I wouldn't have a real vacation for three or so years.

As the hot summer days seemed so endless, but like all good things, it has to an end. As it draws closer to the last day of summer, I can only look back at what will be remembered as Summer of '12.

Have I done what I planned for the summer? Well, yes and no. Yes, I have visited my granny at Pangasinan and got to visit my late gramps gravesite; I got to see old friends and relatives; made new friends along the way; got to visit the chruch in Manaoag; and got to raise awareness to my Flickr site and the like. No, because I didn't go the States as I intended; my computer components are not available until early June; my Sigma lens that I sorely wanted to purchase isn't available in the Philippines, yet; and I didn't get to meet up with my old bandmates to recreate our band.

But with such a mixed accomplishments and failures, did I still enjoy myself? Of course I did. These are the kind of days that I took for granted as a child. These are the days when you just want to sleep 12 hours and beg for more. These are the days that if you are lazy to do anything, but all means, don't do anything!

Alas, it is time to get back into reality, time to become an adult again, because let's face it, school is a stepping stone to my future career. This is for me and my future so I can't always slack off forever. It is as my eldest sister, Maggie, tells me, "Do all the hard work now; Have those sleepless nights now; Sacrifice now. Then when the dust clears, that's when you can have all the fun in the world". True enough; when I finally reach my ultimate goal, have a stable paying job, and have my own happy family, that's when I, along with my current family and my future family can just have fun like all those summer days that passed.

So here's to the wonderful summer I will have had courtesy of 2012.

Peace!! Keep shooting!!