Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Further Updates in Bright Ideas

I will start a Wordpress account later on. That is not to say I will not update this site; far from it, I love this simple blog site of mine LOL but we do want to expand further.

I have also been very active in my Flickr account; this is where I post most of my recent photos so do visit my photostream HERE.

As for my Facebook account, thanks to a stalker, I had to shut down all my albums for a moment. I will be raising some privacy levels for certain albums, if not all. You can add me HERE.

Finally, an idol of mine in the photography world has had his forums up since December. It is a friendly place to learn, but recently, just recently, traffic has been low for his site, join the forum at Trust me, you'll enjoy it there.

Hope you all can add me up at Flickr, Facebook, follow me at Twitter (@ChanUdarbe) and Wordpress (Link later on...), and join us as a #cazillion. Thanks!