Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bright Ideas Suddenly Expanding!

Simply called Bright Ideas when I started dedicated to photography, it now expanded to other forms of media including music, basic art designs, and videography.

Bright Ideas is just the name of my so called photography venture; it was just to add watermarks to my photos in order to be claimed as my own and would need permission before use in any other form. Even going as far as making a logo for myself. 

As time went on, this "Bright Ideas" would become more than just photography; as I am tweaking my Photoshop skills, I have added simple webpage designs or any designs for that matter; as I am a musician, I have had experience in editing my band's jam sessions, thus adding a music editing portion under the Bright Ideas name. Now Bright Ideas has grown beyond its original intent of being purely photography, but sadly, everything was done by me. I had no colleagues in this "company" of mine. I was a one man company with a lot of... Bright Ideas.

Interesting to note that I am of fond of naming my electronics, toys, etc. after girls that I like or liked, even girls that I never met in real life, or simply girls' names that never truly existed in the first place. As such, I also decided to name the different sections of Bright Ideas after girls. As opposed to the simple yet unoriginal Bright Ideas Photography, I chose "Bright Ideas with Rina x Chan", where Rina is a real girl I've met that I have a big crush on (she is pure Japanese) and Chan is my nickname given to me by my seniors in Medicine. For my basic designing section I branded it as "Bright Ideas with Haru x Chan", where Haru is short for Haruna, though I have yet met a girl named Haruna, it's tribute to Haruna Saotome from Negima as she is quite the artist in the manga; and for my music editing section, it's a tribute to my former bandmate nicknamed Niika (happen to be the name of my Les Paul as well), and in doing so is branded as "Bright Ideas with Niika x Chan".

Being able to have three sections under the parent name isn't quite an expansion especially if you are your own boss and employees... As I was seriously thinking of trying my luck on videography, my best friend, Mike, sent me a simple video that he just did for the laughs. It was a short film, but the quality was great, so was the storyline. Out of nowhere I asked if he wanted to join Bright Ideas where he will take over the video editing portion. He loved the idea. With that, I have now a video editing section. And my first ever colleague under the name of Bright Ideas.

Of course, he'd have his own production name, but it will now be a subsidiary of Bright Ideas. All films I would make, write, or edit will have my newly branded video section, whereas if Mike makes, writes, or edits a video, he would have his production as a subsidairy of my Bright Ideas video section.

Truth be told, this "media corp" would not break through commercially, we'd be a private group hired and paid by those who are close to us such as friends, mentors, families, etc., we won't be like the next film or photography studio that will "change the future of media". Nor would we want to. This is a hobby for us future doctors.

Hope this merger will work for Bright Ideas continued growth as a private media group and hopefully I can increase the number of colleagues. But if anything, not more than ten at once... and hopefully, like Mike, they are my best friends.

That's all for now!



As it turns out, I am now trying to make a better logo for the group; I won't be posting any new photos here, on my FB, or Flickr until then.

I will post a new entry with our brand new logo! Still like the ink blot/splatter design just like my first ever logo for Bright Ideas... so I am sticking with that!