Sunday, 29 April 2012

Always Be Vigilant

Those are the words from my good buddy and mentor, Neil Castro, or how we like to call him, Red (Check his FB and his photos! HERE!). He may be younger than me, but his knowledge in the field of photography is great, thus, without the cameras in both our hands, I am obviously the older one where he must listen to me, but with cameras at hand, I must listen to him for I will learn so much just like that one photowalk we were in together (I will try and make a post about that sometime).

With those words tossing and turning within my head, every event, I try not only to shoot the actual concept of the event, for instance, a concert where the stars are the musicians, I look elsewhere (after taking enough shots of the musicians, of course) and then you will see the security guards sharing a cigarette to sully their nerves; obviously, an interesting shot outside the actual theme of the event, hence, ALWAYS BEING VIGILANT is essential.

I say this because last April 26, 2012, Angeles University Foundation School of Medicine (AUF-SOM) had a medical mission that gave out free circumcisions to any of the boys at Sapangbato, Angeles, Pampanga. Of course not ALL the boys of that town; just a small area of that town and a number of registered boys. Taking shots of the actual event (procedures, etc.) was the obvious thing to do, but there were so much going on outside the medical mission that I had to "be vigilant" enough to notice them. The last two shots in this post will show a bit of those "vigilant" shots I took.

I thought of also circumcising some boys since I want to be a surgeon later on in my med-life but I became lazy, my hands were starting to shake (something's wrong with me!), and had my migraine bothering me thanks to the summer heat!

So I stayed as the photographer of the event.

Amidst the screams of boys and the calming voices of my fellow med students and the boys' respective mothers, I sought my way to take photos of the event.

Here are some shots... With some photos with censors of course!

AUF-SOM AMSMSS Medical Mission: Circumcision
My classmate, Anne, as she calms her patient down before the procedure as our junior watches on from the far right
AUF-SOM AMSMSS Medical Mission: Circumcision
Again, Anne, this time doing the actual procedure; had to censor this shot as to not breach any policy

AUF-SOM AMSMSS Medical Mission: Circumcision
My classmate, Jason, being assisted by our classmate, Pamela, as our juniors watch on from behind

AUF-SOM AMSMSS Medical Mission: Circumcision
My classmates, Justin and Bianca, calming their patient down before the procedure; again censors as to not breach any policies

The Thorn Among The Roses
Not an actual shot of the procedures, but hey! I am in this photo so this has to be put up in here. From left to right, Arcee, Anne, Elaine, Olie, Riz, ME, and Chi. Booyah, I am the only guy in this photo with pretty ladies LOL
Then as you vigilance increases, out of the blue, you'd find people, not really interested in what's going on, but you can feel a certain emotion just looking at them:

Father and Son
Father and Son: not really interested in the things going on around them, but I felt a strong sense of bond between them; almost just like me and my dad when I was younger and up to now (in fact, he was also into photography when he was younger! SO me and my dad has a strong bond as these two)

And if your look hard enough at the area you are shooting, you can let your creativity run wild:

There was a hole in the brick wall where we had our medical mission: after a few shots, I realized how boring it was, so I let my creativity run wild and just thought of taking a long enough exposure to blur what ever vehicle passes by. I wished the moped on the right wasn't there to make it an even better shot.

Last two photos showed that always being vigilant, always being aware of your surroundings, and not always being limited to the theme of an event, can very well be your best shots of the event.

Always keep shooting, buddies!! Never look back!!