Sunday, 25 March 2012

My New Blogger Under Construction

After the final exams, and the oncoming summer vacation, I got enough time to update my blogger... This time around it will be as 3 separate sections: 1 purely for photography (this one... eventually lol), another for music and life in general, and 1 for my geekiness (computer gears).

I have made my blog for music just last night but no posts just yet; I have been cleaning my room since Wednesday and nearly done. I mention cleaning my room because I had to rewire most of my guitar amps and then some. So, most likely my first post would be my simple refrabicating my dad's old speaker cabinets and how I managed my rewiring...
And for this blog for photography, I will post some low light shots by tomorrow (I hope) and update my account and my flickr account.

Hope laziness won't get the best of me...