Monday, 20 February 2012

My Review on the Ozaki WoW Dual Bass 2.2 Audio System

Being a (wannabe) musician and the go to guy when it comes to wiring up home theaters, I am certainly no stranger when it comes to speaker systems; heck, me and my cousin have built countless custom full or half stacks/cabinets of speakers back in the day (I'm talking like an old man again).

My custom 5.1 speaker system before was hooked up to my TV, DVD player, and my gaming systems, as well as my desktop (when it was still alive, R.I.P. Rinax 1.0 T.T), but was soon replaced with another 5.1 system, quite fittingly, the early generations of Ozaki speakers... but shockingly died along with my desktop (I've done a lot of customizing on my desktop, plus overclocking; customized how the power reached each of my systems, including the speakers, ultimately caused the death of them all).

So I reverted to my trusty 2.1 speakers I got for 10 bucks back at '06 in the States; though, it is built cheap, the sound quality was enough to make me happy since I can't buy any new speaker system or build 1 as of the moment.

Hearing better days with those speakers, I thought of finally getting me new speakers for my laptop; and stumbled into Ozaki WoW (Woofer of Woofer) Dual Bass 2.2 Audio System. Having used Ozaki in the past, I knew of their sound and build quality. But time sure flies, and they have indeed improved their build quality since then. As for the sound? Well, for something smaller than my previous Ozaki system, and lowered down the satellites from a 5 into a 2 satellites system, may make this speaker system the underdog, but no! This was more than what I expected, especially from the price I had to pay (P980 in Marquee), it made than made up for the lack of more satellites as they are loud enough, plus, instead of 1 subwoofer, you get 2 (hence, 2.2)!!

Really happy with how the sounds come off of this in general. But of course, I can't always sing praises...

As you should know by now, I am disappointed by the lack of more satellite speakers to create a full surround sound, but apart from that, as I may praise the sound quality, I feel that sounds from the higher end is a bit too... well... high. It's as if the treble is on the max (which it isn't); I did fix this with my many EQ presets. There are occasional "pop/crackling" sounds, but that might be my copy of the speaker system. The lower end of the sounds are great, owing to the dual bass, and for the mids, it could be better... but that's prolly just my ears and you can always fix that if you know your EQ settings.

With all that said, ehrm typed, I still love these speakers. Literally BANG (of the bass) for the buck! Apart from the subtle mids and highs needing a bit of tinkering with the EQ, this is indeed a well built, great sounding system.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing a cheap upgrade (yes, I consider this an upgrade) to their speakers.

I am not an official reviewer of electronic gears/gadgets, but if I were to rate this out of 10 (being the highest), I'd give this a solid 8 out of 10.

Here are some photos from my iPhone (bad quality, I know; LOL I won't use my DSLR just for these kinds of shots! Waste of actuations!)

The Box: In all it's yellow glory

The Gold Plated Ozaki Logo on the Dual Bass subwoofer cabinet

The whole system plus it's 3.5mm to RCA cable (I'm glad the guys at the shop weren't confused when I designated the wires base on their real names and not by their description; yes, geek moment). Ignore the messy living room LOL

 Close inspection... well not that close

Closer inspection... again, not really that close

The left satellite next to my current workstation, Acer Aspire 4920G (a beast in it's day; hope to upgrade by the end of the summer to an Acer Aspire AS4755G)

The right satellite next to my HP f1703 17" LCD monitor (now being used as a secondary since Rinax 1.0 died; hope to upgrade into an affordable AOC 20" LED by the end of summer... I like the idea of dual monitors nowadays LOL). NOTE: the wallpaper on the monitor is from a fellow flickr photographer and not mine.

My current setup

The subwoofer cab featuring not 1 but 2 subwoofers. The blinding (and in a few articles, cancerous) blue LED to signify it being powered on. And my eneloops on the floor just in from of Rinax 1.0 (A Quad Core Q9400, 4gb DDR2 800mhz, Geforce 8800gt... I built this myself T.T I miss her)