Sunday, 19 February 2012

If You Feel a Little Lonely...

Had a blast from the past when I went to Pangasinan. I stumbled upon the CD my Dad purchased here in Angeles years ago, "David Gates & Bread: Essentials". No, I wasn't born in the 70s to have a blast from the past when listening to them, I did, however listened to them a lot one summer break at '98 by way of a cassette tape my sister, Debbie, owned... yes, it was the same "David Gates & Bread: Essentials" but on cassette.

So, having been reunited with the heavenly melodic tunes from Mr. Gates, Mr. Griffin, Mr.Knechtel, Mr. Botts, and yes, even Mr. Royer, and being a lot older than I was when I listened to that cassette tape at '98, I grew to love their songs twice, no, ten times as much.

From the heartaching "Aubrey", to the song I feel inclined to me "Guitar Man"; each song has it's own atmosphere and it wasn't all too flashy or trying hard to impress. It was subtle yet powerful.

I became hooked to a song from Mr. Gates when he decided to have his solo album, I believe from his second solo album, the title is "Never Let Her Go"; how he sang this is perfect and the lyrics are justified.

I certainly love nearly every single song in this "Essentials" album. Each song, a treat in their own right; perfect in any situation; and simply pleasing to the ears in the sense that you won't hear overkilled  distorted guitars, over the top solos, but instead, instruments doing what they are made to do... play in perfect harmony, along with the wonderful vocals, create an atmosphere that only my ultimate favorite, The Cure, band can do.

This is why my favorite genre of music is rock (and all it's subgenres, minus the emo stuff) from the '60s-'90s. It may be biased, and I may not be a true music fan since I like only one genre; to each his own, I say.

So here's "Never Let Her Go"...

And so! If you feel a little lonely, go out and find your one and only.