Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bye Tatang

Yesterday, I was at my Grandfather's funeral. There were a lot of people that truly loved him; from his immediate family, distant relatives, and to friends and well wishers. It was almost comparable to a celebrity's funeral. 

It was hurtful, but I don't know why I can't even shed a tear; might be a sign of dehydration... I don't know.

To think that I also had to lead the responses in the Church Mass; I have no qualms about speaking in front of people, but of course, giving the circumstances, it was a new and difficult experience.

No photos were taking by me during this moment. No... I left that to others to take care of now.

This is a simple entry dedicated to my Grandfather, Simplicio, Sr.. Love you Tatang! I'm sure you're happy up there in Heaven. Together with my other Tatang (father side) and next to our good Lord.

We will take good care of eachother here. So both of you need not worry. And I will become a good surgeon some day. I will...